Posted: January 30, 2015 in Fuck You Friday, Humanity is a virus, Shovels

Sorry for the lack of postery.  Midst of the robot building season, plus a six-story building to design, plus, still recovering from that hairball of a loss to the SeaChickens.

Speaking of the Poop…errr, Pope…. regardless of his meager movements toward a less repressive Church, like bringing it into the NINETEENTH century from the fifteenth- he recently made some very stupid and repulsive remarks about the Charlie Hebdo attack.  And the creator of Mr. Deity responded in Fuck You Friday Fashion, so I hereby outsource FYF:

All I can do is stand and applaud.

Of course, this only makes me think of another NSFW video about the Poop…errr, POPE (albeit a different one):

Speaking of robots:

IMG_1930 IMG_1931

Better get busy.

  1. You’re really just planning on tacking a sign onto it and using the robot to flog sandwiches or mattresses on street corners. WHY ARE YOU TAKING JERBS AWAY FROM HARD WORKING NON-ROBUTT AMERICANS!!!!1!!eleven!

  2. Looks like I’ll be checking out Mr. Deity.

    • It’s fucking hilarious. Lucifer (Lucy) is his ex, and his wife IRL. When Jesus (Jesse) realizes what his role is, the ensuing argument is great. Also, great cameos by people like PZ Myers and Michael Shermer.

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