Everything I Say Is A Stupid Lie

Posted: February 4, 2015 in Fridge Note, Music nobody listens to, Shovels

All the fucking snow is even making the dogs testy:


Also, a favorite song:



When she kicks that stomp-box, I get chills….


Robot updates:


IMG_1935 IMG_1936 IMG_1937

  1. Everything I Say Is A Stupid Lie

    Wait, I figgered out one of these riddles before!

    Ummm, Professor Mustard in the Miskatonic Library with a copy of Acting Hickishly For Fun And Profit by Ken Berry?

    No, no. You’re Keyser Soze. I winziz?

  2. herr doktor bimler says:

    Robot updates:
    More and more it resembles a self-powered guillotine.

  3. mikey says:

    Yep, that’s a good one. My all time favorite Fibbers song is “House is Falling”. Carla’s vocals are amazing, the melody is glorious, but the relentlessly brilliant lyrics just kill me. “Lost somewhere between earth and my home” is great all the way through. If you want to take a ride back to the early 90s, when cell phones were installed in cars and you bought software (where else?) in a software store, this is a good way to go…

  4. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    You need to build a snow-removal robot. We only have about a foot and a half on the ground, but I seriously considered borrowing a mattock from work to break up some of the big, dirty piles.

    Boston is totally fucked, six feet of snow- I really have to call my friend J-Co to see how he’s dealing with it.

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