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Posted: May 11, 2015 in Fuck You Friday, Music nobody listens to, Shovels

Now that I have been summarily dismissed from the Robotics team, I am hoping to be able to devote more time to more important things:  professional life, taekwondo, Wife Sublime, the rundown shack we live in, and profanity-laden chuffing about politics.  Music blogging will still happen, but we are rapidly moving into Summerfest season, so that will be moving to Summerfestblog very soon.

1)  In fact, I think I may re-title the Fuck You Friday tag to Fuck You Forever, as Turdwaffle Shit-Knocker is working overtime to make himself attractive to the Republican shit-eating moran dimwit base.  For instance:

“I’m a dipshit with a lethal weapon! H-yuk!”

A couple days after a multiple-victim shooting in Menasha, the Walkershit-for-brains trust put out a 2nd amendment rah-rah post that was illustrated by this photo.  Nicely done; next up is squashing baskets of kittens and puppies on National Pet Day, while he is eating live goldfish and chasing rabbits until their hearts burst.  He is a foul animal that would be considered to egregiously villainous to appear on Game of Thrones.   His ambition and directions from Koch Central Fuckery Towers make him conscienceless and remorseless, and his recent actions would be considered ridiculous and fucking too horrible to publish in a Frank Miller dystopian comic.  Since the beginning of the year, he has spent so little time in Wisconsin that the Republican Legislature has even fucking backed off on his “Kick The Fucking Poors and Blahs EVEN HARDER” budget (it’s the actual name, you can look it up).  Even now, the fuckwit who once said to a gathering of the Tribe, “Molotov!” is visiting Israel on a “Listening tour” in which he will listen to war criminal Netanyahu about how much fun it is to strafe and carpet bomb civilians and residential districts.  Next up, I guess, will be knob-gobbling Dick Cheney while being butt-fucked by Kissinger.

2)  I am being pissy today because I woke up to find my car flashing a “no bus” message to me, but since It still started, I drove it to the bakery to get Wife Sublime’s favorite Apple Pie Bread.  And then the car promptly refused to start, so I had to have it towed to the neighborhood repair garage, and tomorrow will wait with EXCITEMENT to find out how much a new car computer is going to set me back.  Research on the Internarfles indicates it may range from simple fuse replacement to a full new computer, so a couple hundred bones up to $1000.  AND EVEN still, whining about this makes me feel like the whiniest of the whiny whinersons when I heard from a Friend of Blog that had even worse news.

3)  In Extremely Great, Magnificent, Incredible Zombie News, it turns out that the Mekons are planning a short tour of the Midwest and Selected Points East this summer.  There are a couple of Chicago shows, of course, but no Milwaukee show; my new FaceHell Friend Sally Timms says, however, there is a show in Mineral Point.  WTF, Sally.  the Point?  In their defense, we will be seeing them in a small, VERY intimate restored historic theater called Mineral Point Opera House, and we have friends in the area who will be joining us.  The tagline says “A theater for all the people” but do they really mean include Mekons obsessives and zombies?


The thing about the show is that the band is warming up for a show in New York called MEKONCEPTION which is intended to be an old-OLD school recording, a big band with one microphone; stepping up to the mic for vocals and solos; of all new songs.  The whole, big band is coming along including Lu Edmonds (weird, self made instruments) Tom Greenhalgh (original member, guitar, and vocals), and Suzie Honeyman (crazed librarian violin, dumbed down to Mekons level).  Seventy-five audience members, who will be included in vocals and perhaps instruments, and the whole thing will be recorded in 2 hours for release with minimal or no overdubs.  I would so love to be there, and would pay more money than I have to do so; but given the short time frame (it’s happening on 7/23) I am probably not able to pull it off.  I have asked a couple of friends with some contacts in New York bar/entertainment biz, but have not heard back.  Mineral Point it is, and I have to figure out what I want to take along for signatures.  If Scary Joe and/or Some Bastard come through, I will make both of them happen…

So here is a wonderful demonstration of one of the reasons I am so obsessive about this band, as well as one of the reasons that they have survived as an ongoing and vital operation for nearly 40 years.  They are restless and refuse to allow others to dictate their career path; and they insist on following the muse that they feel at any given time.  They have done art projects, theater projects, book projects and performance art projects.  If it isn’t interesting to them as a band, they don’t do it and allow other band members to do it.  One of their recent albums was inspired by their gathering for the funeral of a friend, and they did a “musical marriage amongst the fields and stones” and a great album resulted.

The only thing that ever interests them is doing something that is artistically compelling.  If it is not musical, they will do something graphic or literary.  I have books they have written.  I have various art elements, including some lovely woodcuts based on their songs; awesome prints of various signed iterations….

My love of this band reflects my own unwillingness to rely on repetition or copying others.

4) While I was being snubbed by the other mentors at the FIRST Championships, I received notification that I have received my fourth Mayor’s Design Award, for the rehab/vertical addition project previously discussed.  It enabled me to spend the rest of the time there with a satisfied smile.  I tried for Mona Lisa, and probably was closer to Alfred E. Neumann, but fuck it; either way the other mentors were likely to be disturbed…


5) just announced is a Milwaukee performance of Penn & Teller.  We saw them last time through, 25 years ago.  Later, Young Zombie became enamored of their Bullshit program (and kudos for learning about skepticism, and I think he has also learned to be skeptical about P&T themselves.  Question Authority, you know?) and we saw them in Las Vegas, during a remarkable episode in which they called me up on stage and put my phone into a fish.

6)  Mumford and Sons.  Yea or Nay?  Wife Sublime liked their rocking new song on Daily Show.

7)  Future planning.  Where should the Zombie Fam travel for the next vacay?

  1. 7.) You was prepared to make a NY trip happen to see/be the Mekon show? Go anyhow. What could be more punk than crashing the show?

    Introduce YZ to the criminal life the bohemian life.

    • there is a hard limit of 75 tix. If some become available, my Friend Sally will announce it. If I manage to score one or two, I will find a way to go; but otherwise I probably don’t have the money.

  2. Scott says:

    “While I was being snubbed by the other mentors at the FIRST Championships, I received notification that I have received my fourth Mayor’s Design Award, for the rehab/vertical addition project previously discussed.”

    You’re badass.

  3. Mrs. Snob says “yes” to Mumford & Sons. I… am not so sure.

    Also, too: find a donor car exactly the same as yours (same year and model) at a local junkyard. Remove its computer. Plug it into your car. Profit.

    • What I could find online indicates that is easier said than done on my vehicle, so I am having my mechanic do it. Also, since my car is dead, I find it difficult to actually get to a boneyard…

      • That sucks. I try to make “maintainable by a reasonably motivated and knowledgable person” a requirement for vehicles I buy, just on principle. Easier said than done these days, unfortunately.

        Also, too, etc: This is a very cool thing, ‘specially if your car is supported by the “plug n play” models —

        Good luck, hope the pain in the pocketbook isn’t too bad.

        Hmm, that reminds me, I should really change the oil…

        • nah, he said it would be about $400. Not too bad….

          I was barely competent for basic maintenance back in high school, and I had a friend who worked in a service station, so I had access to all the tools I would want. Power shop, they let me try to wire and time a 4 cylinder engine, which I failed completely. Now, I leave it to the professionals…

  4. herr doktor bimler says:

    You were missed the other day.

  5. Mikey Hemlok says:

    In an odd coincidence, I’m currently reading Penn Jillette’s “God, No”. It’s amusing me.

    I saw some Mumford and Sons hate on the twitter machine. That’s usually enough for me to avoid any given band or musician, and sure enough I have never heard anything they play.

    But I have a shiny new Everclear playlist that is pretty cool….

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