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Posted: October 12, 2015 in Uncategorized

Jeebus.  Did the Packers have to allow the other teams to get within spitting distance the last two weeks?  mikey said that the fact Rodgers didn’t rack up forty points on the 49ers is reason for concern; but the Giants needed a magical last minute drive to beat SF this week,so maybe mikey is just bitter that they aren’t QUITE as bad as last year.  I am just happy that the Pack broke that damn streak..

This week, the Rams had a chance.  Yeah, if they played it as lucky as the Fucking Seahawks did in the championship game last year.  Yeah, no.  Granted, the Packers were the fortunate recipients of several muffed field goals and a couple of EXTREMELY timely interceptions.  But hey, St. Louis also scavenged the first TWO GODDAM interceptions of Aaron Rodgers in like 3 years at Lambeau.  So the luck was pretty even handed.

I have an IRL friend who gets really irate whenever the Packers don’t win by 40 points.  He has an opinion on Dom Capers that I agree with; as paleo says, any team playing a Dom Capers defense ALWAYS has a chance to win.  But seriously; Scary Joe is ready to burn all his Packer stuff because in the last two weeks, the never led by ENOUGH.  Both weeks, the other team never had a lead.  Only had an extremely unlikely chance.  Today, the Pack led by two scores for well over half the game.  Admittedly, Rodgers had an off day, but FFS, isn’t he allowed?  And others on the team stepped way the hell up.

I feel like Joe gets so angry about the fact that the Packers aren’t magically able to destroy everyone that it makes him unable to actually enjoy watching a REALLY talented team that find a way to win almost all of the time.  And this maybe threatens his health…

Yeah, in pre-season everyone thought the Packers were unstoppable.  Then Jordy Nelson and the others got hurt. Football players get hurt.  That changes the equation; that’s why they play the games, right?

Look, I lived through the Lynn Dickey era.  For most of my early life, I was used to the Packers being woeful.  Bart Starr was a great player, but a lousy coach.  (Like William Shatner is an entertaining actor but a lousy singer, Microsoft is a lousy software company but a great marketer, or Frank Lloyd Wright was a great architect but a horrible human being.)  As a Wisconsinite, however devotion to the Packers was not only genetic but possibly required by the magnetic fields under the rolling terminal moraine hills.

The years with Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers have been magical.  Also, it’s very easy to be proud when you are secure in the knowledge that the team will never leave, and is publicly owned.  The operating company is looking to develop the areas around Lambeau in a way that supports the nearby residential neighborhoods, but also helps to inspire development and improvements of the community.  Rather than building an insular hi-tech spaceship in a suburban location where people drive in, park, and then leave in their cars after the game. As an urbanist,  I loathe that blindly shortsighted attitude and see the potential for these huge assemblies of people to become pinwheel spinning activity into the urban area around it; but most of these rich assholes just want to build these oversized behemoths in suburban areas next to oversized parking garages with direct freeway access so people can leave as soon as possible.  Sorry, where did this soapbox come from?

As a semi-related aside, while I think the new owners of the Bucks should just pool their fucking couch change to pay for the new arena (current estimate:  $450 million.  Zombie estimate after all is said and done:  $700 million.  Most of which will be paid through regressive sales taxes.  None of which will be paid by the billionaire owners, OH NO.)

Phew.  OK, I got off on a tangent.  Not sure I had a direction, like that time I started heading out to Walgreen’s and wound up in Minneapolis drinking bourbon in a zombie bar.

So.  The Packers.  They’re 5-0.  There are only 3 other teams with that record (Motherfucking New England is 4-0 due to bye, and doesn’t count MY BLOG MY RULES GODDAMMIT).  Some of the wins were ugly; but my friend Scary Joe says “we barely won that game”.  In a game where SL never led, and the final score was a 14 point defeat.  Yesterday, the Badgers screwed up a field goal at the end of the game, but rallied to stop Nebraska, then get back into range and MAKE the damn field goal to win by one damn point.  THAT game was barely a win.  This one was a dominant win.

The last two games by the Packers involved a (small) bit of struggle, and that’s why you have a team; when one person is a bit less than stellar, others are available to step up and make the whole thing work.  Winning is winning.  Putting another 20 points up doesn’t get you closer to the Super Bowl; if anything, it just pisses of the Sports Talkers if they feel like you’re “running up the score”.

Although Joe and I agree on much, particularly Dom Capers and Joe Buck, I can hardly talk to him about the Packers anymore.  He is so intransigent and angry, no matter how they play. So, that’s how I wind up here, right?  Blogging, wtf.

It was a gorgeous day today.  I took Lucifer for a good long walk, she pooped twice and I worked up a mild sweat and worked my heart rate; went into the office for a short time then made a lovely dinner and did a bit more work; now the weather is getting mildly cool and the wind is building; it is, after all, Fall.  I love this time of year…

Now, i am going to go and get a nice glass of Russell’s Reserve 10 year old bourbon.  Thank you, dear Snag, for giving me guidance and starting me on my Bourbon Journey.

  1. I’ll address the post in full later, but first

    And yes, this kicks the snot out of the Pulp original, full stop.

    Okay, Joe Jackson and Ben Folds had something to do with it.

  2. Mercedes was set to clinch the constructor’s championship for the second year in a row yesterday, but that was put into doubt when a broken throttle damper took Nico Rosberg out of the race from first place just seven laps in. The second Mercedes of Louis Hamilton assumed the lead and cruised to an easy victory.
    Ferrari kept their mathematically-possible-but-very-unlikely-chance at the championship alive when a solid pit strategy and some lucky traffic elevated Vettel into a solid second place over the well-running Williams of Bottas in 3rd. But then, on the final lap, Kimi Raikonnen made a stupid attempt to pass Bottas for 3rd, breaking Bottas’ car, and damaging his own. He managed to limp the Ferrari across the line in 5th place, which would have been enough to keep their hopes alive until the next race, but was later assessed a 30 second penalty for causing the collision. This dropped his Ferrari to 8th, and gave Mercedes enough points for that second championship.

  3. Mikey Hemlok says:

    And I’m holding on for a Cubs kids vs Astros kids world series…

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