Welcome To The Terrordome

Posted: October 13, 2015 in Uncategorized

Has it actually been two whole days since a mass shooting?  WTF America?  YOU’RE NOT TRYING.

Since you guys kicked Turdwaffle to the curb, he came back to Wisconsin VERY BITTER and is immediately trying to fuck things up even further.  He installed a rightwing stooge on the State Supreme Court, most likely illegally (but with the stacked Court, who the hell is going to tag the fucker?) then started working on destroying the Civil Service, as well as destroying the Government Accountability Board in bald-faced retaliation.

But in a move that is only designed as a Fuck You to liberals and people who actually don’t want gun deaths, they are fast-tracking a bill to allow concealed carry in college buildings.  Because college students, young, stressed and making decisions on their own for the first time in their lives, are going to be the BEST people to carry lethal weapons.

Now here.  I am a high-level black belt martial artist.  I have techniques that have been refined to the point that they would easily be lethal; I have also learned self-defense techniques and hand-to-hand fighting techniques that are easily lethal.  Although the “hands as registered lethal weapons” thing is a fallacy, it has been established that a higher level martial artist IS expected to be able to control his techniques to respond in an appropriate way.  If a guy came at me with a knife or a gun, I could, and likely would, respond with lethality.  If someone is fucking with me in a bar, I would respond with a joint lock or a simple hold to convince him that it is a bad idea.

But we don’t teach this stuff to kids.  We don’t teach it people with control issues.  We don’t teach it to people until they’ve spent much time learning all the levels of control and skills leading up to it.

Which is not the thing with guns.  Because this is America, guns are available to every fucking whackaloon with a credit card.  Who then shoots people because they drive too slow.

Or leave their gun in a place where a 2 year old can shoot his grandmother.

I would go on, but hey, this is the fucking Wild West America, where these things happen every fucking day, twice on  holiday weekends, and you can find ’em on your own.  It’s not even a question of Responsible Gun Owners anymore; it’s a religious adherence to the idea that ANYONE can have a gun ANYTIME or ANYWHERE: an attitude that is remarkable and singular in a way that the AMERIKKAH FUK YAH people don’t intend:  every other civilized country in the world doesn’t allow it, and looks at us like we look at Cousin Vern who shows up at Christmas with a shaved head and tattoos on his face.

Guns allow people to express their most evil desire:  that something or someone die at a distance.

On the other tentacle, I find it mordantly amusing that the now-omnipresent threat of being shot down at any moment in any location is a situation that our black friends and family have been living with for decades.  They are amply entitled to point and laugh and give a “HA-hah!”

As of October 1, 274 days and 294 mass shootings.  More than one a day.  Fuck.

AND that does not include the single shootings or suicides.  It has been established that the presence of a gun in the house increases the possibility of a successful suicide by THREE TO FIVE.  Not percent; that is 300 to 500%.  The main difference in those is males vs female.  And I know; one of my nephews, an amazingly bright talented guy who made some poor choices, managed to get his hands on a gun and blow his head off in his parent’s backyard.

So yeah,, college students need guns.  I was in college for 7 years, and I recall exactly ZERO goddam times I needed a gun.  Even when I was outside of campus in the real world. INCLUDING when I was doing some preliminary work for a Pastor and I met with him in what was then termed “Inner city”.

I also think there were ZERO times that having a gun would have improved ANYTHING going on.

So we are a country where not only do we accept WAY more firearm deaths per capita than any other First World country, we also are OK with dipshits who leave their loaded penis substitutes in accessible locations where toddlers can grab them and shoot their parents or grandparents.  Where mild traffic inconveniences can turn into fatalities.  Where drunken football fans can execution-style kill others.

The TeaBagging fuckweasels like to claim “they are taking their country back”.  But I remember a country where appalling firearm atrocities did not happen pretty much every day.  If anyone should be able to shout and scream about taking our country back, I think that would be a fine goal.  Fewer guns, and the ones that are out there being regulated, marked and controlled.  And maybe define that handguns have no real purpose outside of police.

But this is America.  That won’t happen.  People will continue to die because of our flood of guns.  Politicians will continue to disagree with the vast majority of the country.  And people will  continue to die – at a level far exceeding the deaths on 9/11, which caused a worldwide violent response that killed millions.  The NRA is far more effective at killing Americans than Al-quaida or ISIS could ever DREAM….

So yeah, now Wisconsin State Colleges, which were a model for the country, will become a free-fire zone.  Welcome to the Terrordome.

  1. Mikey Hemlok says:

    The people have decided: the human, social and economic costs of unfettered access to unlimited firearms is worth paying in order to continue to have that unfettered access. Either the costs will have to increase substantially or nothing will change…

  2. Comments on your new body-mod post are closed, just like one of my old earring holes.

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