The Act We Act

Posted: November 10, 2015 in Fuck You Friday, Humanity is a virus, Shovels

It’s a big pretend gig, isn’t it?  Every politician pretends to be an obsequious Christian of some version, then is found to violate almost all of the personal statutes, and then professionally violate them all by screwing the poor and abetting the rich.  AND being self-righteous about their living right next to Jeebus all the while.

you know, it’s time to fuck them.  The idea that their adherence to the thousands-year-old doctrines passed down from pre-industrial farmers and shepherds who looked up into the sky and were frightened by thunder should be respected, let alone a basis for governance for a modern, post-industrial world is not only ludicrous, it is repugnant.  It is moronic.  It is Republican.

So, insane love child of a weasel and Joseph McCarthy, Ted Cruz now believes that atheists should not be able to serve in public office.

Hey, Ted:  Fuck off.  Fuck you with a large black dick, one made in Canada.

Tell you what, THEODORE. Let’s talk about works, which I believe your guy Jesus talked about.  I have worked within the poorest communities of the city I live in.  I have worked to improve the lives of people who do not have many alternatives.  I have also worked to teach martial arts to very young people, giving them self-esteem and teaching them to be people who are able to express themselves.  I have also worked to teach women (and men) self defense and the confidence to defend themselves in real life situations.

I have ALSO worked to interest high school students in an urban school system in STEM  careers, through helping them design and build goddam robots.  And I know for a certainty that we have sent some of these kids into college in STEM careers.  They will change the fucking world, Ted…

And here’s the thing, you whiny-voiced shitweasel.  I did all of these things, and more, while not believing in God.  Not yours, not another, not any mushy idea of a “Supreme Being”.  In fact, i bet that I’ve done more things in line with YOUR “god”‘s idea of what people would do than YOU have, you reprehensible half-intelligent lizard.

FUCK OFF, you nasally-obstructed opportunist. Not only do I think I am FAR MORE qualified than you for public office, based on your track record I am confident that I will be better than you at governing.  After all, I do not subscribe to the Tea Party bullshit that government is always incompetent and always bad; but I have seen and experienced the possibilities of government that can operate in the positive.

AS HAVE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY, you fucking fucknozzle  fucknuckle (H/T Tengrain, with spelling differences!)

Atheists have just as much right to this country as you do, and if you really want to argue this, I have a number of things called “pressure points” that as a black belt, I would like to show you.  Also, I want too remodel your stupid weasel nose.


ETA:  Oh, yeah, I forgot this.  H/T to that Substance dude…

Go Fuck Yourself Also Too

  1. Mikey Hemlok says:

    Can I interpret this as the announcement that a certain zombie is going to throw his hat into the ring for Milwaukee City Council? ‘Cause I’d support the decomposing SHIT outta that!!

    • I won’t say I haven’t thought about it. But I am maybe a bit too plain-spoken for politics. A bit too blunt. A bit too fucking potty-mouthed…

      • M. Bouffant says:

        And it’s well documented.

      • Mikey Hemlok says:

        Now that’s bullshit. Time and again, you have demonstrated tremendous discipline in your life. To stand there and claim that you lack the personal discipline and self-control to do the things necessary to run an American local political campaign is prima facie false.

        If you don’t want to do, that’s understandable, but it strikes me as unzombie-like to offer weak sauce excuses.

        I think you should think about it.

        • Your comments are well received, mikey. I confess I would kind of expect a fair number of people to like a foul-mouthed politician, at least one that doesn’t worry about being recorded with a fucking potty-mouth. And admittedly, I am able to present projects in public settings with little difficulty…

          More problematic, though, would be the atheism. It has been noted that atheists are least likely to be voted for.

  2. Mikey Hemlok says:

    Indeed. You have to lie. But you don’t even need to pretend to be sincere. I give you trump and Sanders, and even Obama. They know what’s cooking in the toaster, but they know what they have to say. It’s just checkboxes. Of course, your thousands of blogs might provide Oppo researchers with some meat. And I can relate, because that’s why I can’t play. Felony convictions, no matter how far in the past, are disqualifiers…..

  3. tengrain says:

    Fuckkknuckle. Now tell me I got it wrong.



  4. OT,, but I recently discovered that my associate in the office is a Doctor Who fan (her phone used an “Exterminate” ringtone) So last night I strung up a bunch of Weeping Angel string lights over her station, with a big sign on her monitor saying “DON’T BLINK” She loved it…

  5. reallysmall fish says:

    So where does zombie fit in the “dead woman or live boy” rule?

  6. reallysmall fish says:

    Am I lost in the nethers?

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