Headlong Flight

Posted: December 4, 2015 in Fridge Note, Humanity is a virus, Shovels, Turdwaffle and problems, Uncategorized

OK, I have a few things.  FIRST OF ALL

is that WordPress fucked me over the first three times I have tried to make a post tonight, and barfed me into the nether every time.  Am I able to send my bills for the extra bourbon to WordPress?   It keeps telling me’ draft saved’ and then when I come back, there’s not a fucking thing.
Go Fuck Yourself Also Too

Of related interest is that I have found that I need to buy the big bottles of bourbon, like I found in Snag’s house.

In urban development news, Milwaukee has found a way to create a new streetcar system without help from the anti-mass-transit Republican assholes in the Lege.  And they managed to work out 14 million dollars in support from the Feds.  So, of course, the anti-public transport and anti-urban  wing nuts in the Lege responded by trying to create a new law that finesses the provision of state funds to support operation of public transportation in a way that doesn’t allow the funds to go to Milwaukee. it would be truly farcical, if…no, come on, it’s just farcical.

Go Fuck Yourself Also Too

Tonights helmet ball game will provide much fodder for people who are paid to talk about people who actually do something.  I confess that I ignored the game, mainly because I forgot about it and then Wife Sublime was watching some crime procedurals and DAMN if I will challenge her; plus, I could keep up on the laptop and still do some more-or-less work.  However, DAMN but Aaron Rodgers, while being have to work with a depleted and droppy receiver corps, was still able to take advantage of a one-more-time opportunity made by an iffy penalty during a weird multiple lateral screwball Final Yard goofball tactic.  In any court, fuck you Lions.

Of less interest, is the fact that we had a new dishwasher installed.  Mainly because the old one WAS CRAPPY AT CLEANING and for fuck’s sake is that a first world problem?  But anyway, we had an amazing installer stop by, who had no problem at all with a dog named Lucifer, and charged us less than I ever do for my clients.  So I had him put the old piece out on the curb; and while I kept checking most of the afternoon, waiting for asking  for an Official City Pickup, it took until nightfall before the appliance got disappeared by the scrappers.  OR SO THEY SAY.  Perhaps NightDishwashers are flying the night…

On another stump, it seems that I will be doing much time with cold extremities due to blood thinners.  So, getting older sucks!  Apologize for the cold when I shake hands!

Furthermore, I must confess that I have developed a fondness for online bingeing for soapish series Mistresses, which I excuse because of the lovely costumes on the women.  But I still have to explain the fondness for The Mindy Project, because I find Mindy Kaling fucking adorable not to mention a great comedic actress not to mention one of the best writers ever.  “Why don’t you just come over and see if Christianity is for you?”   Best smile on the tv….

Also, Turdwaffle has responded to his EPIC flameout in the Presidential Goat Rodeo (and did I not predict that?  Yes I did) by being bitter and working overtime to make ALEC happy.  But in there interim, he managed to rack up serious debt (outside of the high-interest credit cards he already had on the books) and is now begging for someone to pay it off.  Because he is a remarkable assfuck who has been trained to expect someone else to pay for all his shit…

So, the City has managed to leverage all kinds of finance to make an actual, modern streetcar happen (and please understand that a below-grade transit was actually started; it was abandoned.  Probably because the Socialists preferred making parks and shit.

Dammit.  Out of bourbon.  i imagine that is something never heard in Casa de Snag.  I miss it…



  1. ETA:

    1. Managed to snag the last copy of the Mekons/Robbie Fulks album Jura at a local record store. Liner notes are STELLAR and hilarious. Well, not the LAST copy. But the last available; the other copy was put aside for some dude (and you just know it’s a dude) who called in about 20 minutes before i showed up.

    2. What a fucking arm on that Rodgers kid, huh? I know many people will dispute the face masking penalty, but it was enough to yank the helmet and dislodge Rodgers’ chin strap; even if the guy let go, the refs will ALWAYS call it when the helmet moves. I am, however, glad I didn’t watch the game and appreciate mikey’s heads-up on FaceHell so I didn’t have to overly stress my ticker and BP. I have an echocardiogram next week, you know…

    3. Blood thinners in cold weather? Have to say, I am not a fan.

    4. No longer out of bourbon.

    • Seriously, who can throw a football that high, wide and handsome? 61 yards. The stunned looks on the Lions faithful and Matt Stafford were understandable. And so, so sweet, after they managed to steal that Lambeau game….

  2. Also, Lucifer is snoring and having active dreams on the adjacent couch. BUT NO FARTING….

  3. herr doktor bimler says:

    Please close the open parenthesis in the penultimate paragraph. Otherwise, may it haunt you in your dreams, as it will haunt mine.

  4. Mikey Hemlok says:

    The Lions deserved it. (“We all got it coming, kid” /eastwood). They dominated the Packers for thee quarters, were up 20-0, won the game, and then the Packers got another chance (you give RAH JAHS a second chance to win the game at your own peril), and they didn’t take out the hook n ladder defense and put in the hail merry (heh) defense – they have a receiver named Johnson who is only a little bit smaller than a municipal garbage truck who could have easily knocked that pass down first – so, yeah. The Lions can soak in their misery. If the Greenbrae Packers go on to squeak into the playoffs and then run the table and win the stupor bowl, it will be the funniest fucking hilarious thing I can imagine…

  5. Mikey Hemlok says:

    Also, too, Google Docs is a perfectly fine, reliable text editor. It has complete versioning and rollback functionality, and most of your page formatting will paste directly into WordPress. No matter where I’m ultimately going to publish, I do all my drafts in GDocs. That way I have everything I ever wrote, including all the early versions. It’s a good option…

  6. herr doktor bimler says:

    “Providing ZRM with more reasons to drink bourbon” is just one of the many services we offer.

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