Distant Early Warning

Posted: December 9, 2015 in Fridge Note, Shovels

Back when I was pre-zombie, and also pre-architect, I had a class where we had to research an existing building and present the research to the class.  In a brilliant move, one of the teams took a huge masonry Richardsonian Federal building, and they found a series of construction photos; they then did a slideshow of these photos in reverse order, and introduced them by saying “we were not able to figure out the structural system, so last weekend we took the building apart”.  Even more hilariously, the building as not steel framed, but involved massive masonry elements with steel spanning elements; not like it was unusual…

In that vein, though, I find this time-lapse of the standard maintenance of the U2 spy plane to be just as compelling.

On the other stump, who knew we were still flying U-2 spy planes?  And is there any other country that gives a shit enough to do it?

mikey may chime in, but I figure that unlike the days of Francis Gary Powers, there is nobody left who has shit that can shoot one down.  And maybe, in the days when any moderately financed tech company can launch a satellite, that nobody cares all that much.

In any case, as a mediocre technician, I love this video.  Not least because my favorite part of any hime improvement project is demolition.  As a teenager, I often took things apart and I was so DAMN EFFICIENT that I usually put it back together and had parts left over!

In any case, has anyone alerted Bono to this?




  1. Mikey Hemlok says:

    By 1970 the SR-71 had mostly taken over manned aerial reconnaissance duties – although the U-2 HAS been used over Afghanistan and Iraq – for all but the most modern air defenses, hitting an aircraft over 70,000 feet remains non-trivial. But mostly they are in use by NASA – I occasionally used to see them coming or going from NASA Ames in Sunnyvale. For that matter, NASA still operates a few WB-57s, a modified 1950s era jet bomber. They are some frugal folks, and a well maintained jet aircraft has a nearly infinite lifespan.

    That era has ended. Satellites are very good, and the RQ-180 class stealthy reconnaissance drones do a great job of filling in the blanks. I keep telling you, it doesn’t matter how ‘specialized’ your job is, at some point a robot is going to replace you…

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