Point of No Return

Posted: December 22, 2015 in Body Count, Humanity is a virus

Living in Wisconsin has become problematic, at best.

Remarkable how quickly Turdwaffle and his DerpTroopers have been able to re-shape the state.  Wisconsin pioneered many liberal ideas; open government, environmental stewardship, world-0class colleges that are affordable, not sucking…Overall, a pretty great place to live.  I, myself, have taken full advantage of the UW system to get a great education that didn’t impoverish me.

And in the few short months since Walker has been reigning, he has worked to roll pretty much all of that back.

And almost all of that has been at the behest of ALEC; funded largely by those fucking Koch asswipes.

Busting unions.  Tax breaks for corporations (that have put the state into debt).  Fucking over public schools.  Fucking over public school teachers.  Complete disregard for campaign finance laws.  Changing the laws to allow partisan stacking of the courts. Abandoning the business of the State to run for President, then begging for donations to pay off the debt he acquired doing that. Allowing for companies to pollute the environment.  ignoring smart development in favor of building unneeded new freeways.  Hatred of the urban areas, by using racist dogwhistles.  More guns, always more guns…

And, just like all the rest of the Republican Party, he trades on hatred and bigotry and violence.  Talking about “those people” when he references Milwaukee.  Pretending violent crime is on an upswing, when it’s actually at an all time low.  Because paranoia and guns are popular with his racist, violent, paranoid base.

I’d like to blame all of this on Turdwaffle.  But he is only a goofy-eyed, half-educated and mostly stupid  son of a preacher who can’t  keep his staff out of prison and can’t manage his own finances.  He has been elevated to a near-national prominence because of his ability to leverage an historic gerrymandering of Wisconsin that allows Republican dominance of the Lege, which he has cowed into submission for the horrid agenda he has put into place. He lost his first run for office (to one of my favorites, Gwen Moore) and then used white resentment from the suburbs to squeak his way into Milwaukee County, and then used the same tactic to play the rest of the state against Milwaukee.  He is a shitstain and a weasel and my use of Turdwaffle to describe him is a slight against waffles.  Hims entire career defies the Peter Principle; he has not only risen to his level of incompetence, he has bobbed well above it.  Shit floats, and he has floated well above expected.

And just like other parts of the country, this horrifying and repellent rhetoric is having the intended effect.




So now, one of our goddam motherfucking ELECTED FUCKING OFFICIALS in this state is calling for ‘responsible gun owners’ to shoot the rest of us the fuck down:



Now, Slinger is a hotbed of white power shitheadism.  In reality, outside of Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin is a VERY white state (and poorer for it, may I say) and I say that as a VERY white guy.  But still; can this be interpreted as anything other than a call for white paranoid shitheads with more guns than brains to start killing blacks and browns and liberals?

I understand that much of the rightwing backlash has to do with the fact that gays and blacks and women have been experiencing growing acceptance and increasing levels of power.  There are a LOT of good ol’ boys who hate every bit of that, and see it as a threat to…dunno, threat to them being white?  It’s kind of stupid.

I mostly disagree with mikey’s cynicism;  I am kind of an artist and I work to build new things, and that makes me inherently optimistic.  But in nearly every other aspect, the idea that this shithead is an elected official and able to make these kind of statements without being taken down immediately, indicates some things:

  • There is no real journalism, any more.  Like we didn’t know that; we hippies have been saying it for years.
  • Wisconsin is now Texas, with better forests.
  • Dickhead looks like a dick.

What I find appaling and repellent and basically un-Wisconsin, is the idea that this kind of shit becomes acceptable political discourse.  We will allow college kids to carry guns, but  not help them pay for college.  We will allow concealed carry, and then encourage people to shoot down THOSE OTHERS as may be decided by some drunk, savage, twisted fucknugget.

I love this state.  Grew up here, and have enjoyed all of the rolling hills and trees and Great Lakes.  It is a spectacularly gorgeous environment, that also has the cities of Madison and Milwaukee -having visited ,many other cities – offer comparable amenities.  And then, we have the festivals on the biggest freshwater lake in the world…

I love this state.  As I grew up, I discovered the history of the state, and why we became an example for the rest of the country.

I love this state.  And somehow, in a couple short years, Scott Walker is destroying all the things that I have loved about this state.

I will be traveling north to visit in-laws this week.  I expect to be shot by a responsible gun owner, defending himself against a threatening  liberal atheist.




  1. jesh stg says:

    You have a Merry Christmas too! Thanks for coming by:)

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