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Posted: January 24, 2016 in Body Count, Fridge Note, Humanity is a virus, Wa fuckin Ha

I have seen Bob Mould several times, solo and with a band (and I found myself wondering how weak it had to be to be a keyboard player in Bob Mould’s band?)

I loved Husker Du, as one of the MPLS triumvirate, Huskers, Soul Asylum and the Replacements.  And I saw almost none of them at their peaks, except for Soul Asylum in a 300 person club on the Hang Time tour and were they superb? Also, the Replacements on a show where Westerberg was too drunk to stand up for an encore…You tell me…

But on to other issues. As some of you know, I had The Event last June, and survived.  But seriously, once you are already a zombie, what the fuck, you know?  But the imperatives of medical professionals became a thing (and the support of Wife Sublime’s corporate health care, thank you love) and we discovered that I am also a diabetic, Fuck My Life you know…

So, for the last several months, I have been working to make some of these things better.  I have been exercising more, and eating less.  Eating better and being good about my meds.  Stopped pretending I would live forever…

A couple of months ago., I met with my cardiologist…

When I was in the ICU, they did an electrocardiogram of my traitor heart.  For those of you who haven’t had this experience, most hearts pump in a 50-55% range.  When they did mine after the heart attack, it was 25%.  This was in the realm where I would have to steal Dick Cheney’s heart to avoid arrhythmia.  I was fitted for a crazy chest device that would shock my heart into behavior….But after a couple of extra days in the IC, the Dual Cardiologists on my case said that my heart performance had improved to 35% which was out of the danger range…

Here’s the thing.  Your own dam heart only works like 50% effective.  Because it pumps one side, and then lets the backside come in.  It makes sense, you know?  I had TWO GODDAM cardiologists coming in to check on my, and I started to love the health care that Wife Sublime’s company posts….

So I came in and met with Mr. Straight Edge, who once chided me when I confessed to eating a brat at a party.  BP was not great, weight was not as low as it should be.  Lungs and heart sounded OK. Took a bunch of blood.

He had a tech do a new echocardiogram.  She pushed a device into my chest until it hurt, then had a tech come in and put in an intravenous, so they could put colors into my body that made them more visible.  Then she continued to push the hurtful thing into my chest.

And after a short amount of time, they all left and told me to clean up.  It was like being at a whorehouse.

But eventually, I met with Doctor Straitedge Cardio, and he told me that my heart had recovered normal operation.  He was please, and so was I…He fucked with me on my weight, and told me to stope eating fatty foods and meats, but otherwise, it was a good discussion…

And when the blood came back the worst of it was that for some weird reason I was weirdly low on Vitamin D.  But my cholesterol was good, and my A1C was 5.1….

FIVE POINT FUCKING ONE.  I know that my glucose has been in the zone almost every time I’ve tested it, But the first time I got bloodwork it said 6.4 was the goal.  On this one, it said 5.7 was the goal.  GODDAMIT GIVE ME A SINGLE GOAL and I will work at it…

Last time I met the primary, he said he was good for 6 months or so.  This is not six months.  But he does, of course, have access to the most recent bloodwork.  Cardio guy said that the biggest problem was a low Vitamin D.  IN wisconsin.  Where there’s little daylight in winters….

So anyway, Mr. Primary wants to see me.  So, what do we think?  Is it a recognition of my change in A1C?  Is it a chiding over my lack of losing weight?  Is it a challenge to the whole zombie thing?  Probably a hassle about not drinking so much…

I kind of hope that he is going to adjust my meds.  I would really like to not be injecting insulin any more.  Dr. Mikey says that I am cured, but I am not so sure but if I could transition to pills rather than spikes, I would be fucking thrilled.  I often stick them in my thigh because it hurts less than the gut…

Went to the gym today.  Worked up a sweat, listened to Maron’s podcast.  Felt good, got sweaty.  gonna do it tomorrow.  And the day after, and the day after, and the day after….

  1. herr doktor bimler says:

    I have seen Bob Mould several times
    Grant Hart is touring this corner of Australia next month, and the Frau Doktorin bought tix. Have I mentioned how much I love her and how little I deserve her?

    Lungs and heart sounded OK.

  2. So I came in and met with Mr. Straight Edge, who once chided me when I confessed to eating a brat at a party.

    Well duh, you’re not s’posed to eat the whole brat, just the the little shit’s branez.

    Lots of folks have low vitamin D levels in the winter. I don’t drink milk so I add in vitamin D pills (whenever I remember) once the days get short and the long sleeves come out.

  3. Mikey Hemlok says:

    That’s an amazing number. The thing to remember is that YOU are the patient – they are making suggestions, you are in charge. Tell them you want to switch from insulin to oral blood glucose management – get yourself a script for Glipizide and/or Actos and see what happens. They pretty much have to do what you tell them.

    I’ve gotten much better at managing my health care delivery apparatus in recent years. I take everything as a suggestion and I’m not afraid to push back. No, no anal probe for me, thank you. Bloodwork? Every six months is sufficient to make sure things aren’t going weird in there. Metformin? A big NO. Random projectile vomiting without even being drunk is just not a valid tradeoff.

    But yeah, I wouldn’t tell them no this time either on the accelerated schedule. In light of the good numbers and such as, I’d be curious as hell what he wants. In fact, I’d email him and ask him why he wants to accelerate the routine…

    • That is actually decent advice. But here’s the thing; I am a licensed professional. as are all of my doctors. And the thing I will say, is that no matter how much experience my clients have in property maintenance or development or just being rich dicks, I have a very particular set of skills. They will make a difference in your ability to actually complete your project on time and on budget. You can engage me or not; your choice. But when your cheap-ass choice can’t make it happen, do you think my fee will be less, when I have to bail you out for your crappy initial choice?

      • I digressed. But I think the same theory applies. Doctors know a fuck of a lot more than I do about my horrible body. Their advice is, mostly, good. mikey is right that I do not have to take it. But I think it might be in my best interest to do so…

        • Mikey Hemlok says:

          I think there are definitely times when you do what you’re told and don’t argue. But in a blood glucose control regimen you should be trying new stuff all the time. Your goal is to get rid of the needle – I think that makes sense. So try something else and check the numbers – if you go up to 6.5 or something, fine, you can always go back. But it’s all a combination of diet and meds, and it’s low risk to see if you can maintain a different program.

  4. Mikey Hemlok says:

    In an interesting coincidence – or not – I just now went totally hypo for the first time in a year.

    I blame your fucking insulin.

    Nothing that can’t be treated with a big handful of Salted Caramel peanuts and 60mL of Sailor Jerry’s….

  5. FYI: Seb just posted something at Sadly, No! for the first time in forever.

  6. reallysmall fish says:

    I am glad to hear that your prospects for staying once undead are improving. Tofu can actually taste good. Especially like this:

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