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Recently, doing some discussion late night with folks on FaceHell about houses and designing houses and how architects actually design houses.  It was late at night on both sides, but I expressed a bitter side of it…


I have often said that I am conflicted, sometimes.  I bill a bit less than most attorneys, but I still kind of figure that when I spend time on your behalf, that I should be recompensed.

But what is weird, is here.  Many many people figure that if I work on their behalf and they never go forward with the project, they really don’t owe me anything.  Which is never part of whatever agreement we have (admittedly, I am perfectly willing to spend some amount of time for clients that I have an ongoing relationship with, but that is based on already cashing some checks,even if they are on other projects.  Good credit, you see….)

I have done work for impoverished areas to improve the housing stock, and I have also done multi-million dollar penthouses in the factory district.  I have one client for whom I have done his residence three times….and he is a third generation person who used his parents to help him become a big time developer; he is mostly Republican, although his parents are die-hard Democrats.  But here’s the difference; He has learned, through working for his parents, the value of being a decent developer and he is one of the most respectable people I have ever met in this debased business.

In fact, here was a recent conversation I had with him:

“blah blah blah “

(Side conversation) ” have a good weekend pam”

You’re letting Pam have the afternoon off? (this was like 2 PM on a Friday)\

Shit, on a Friday I am pretty much the only person here.  I am the best boss ever

You don’t have to tell me.  I have had some pretty crappy clients….

His parents are also lovely people, who I have done work for.  They are first-person contacts with the Obamas (so I am 2 degrees, right).  I started working for his father’s company when I was in college, and managed a 24 unit building (a block from where I live now) and later, designing a new office down the hall from my office in a rehab building (they resided in their previous office for like 27 years!) and then designing their offices later when they moved to a a rehab building in the Third Ward.  I have to say that there is no better feeling than when someone keeps coming back to you as a professional….

But I digress.  I came here to talk about the draft.  Wait.  Let me back up.  I was here to talk about Shithead fuckhead people who stiff people who gave them credit.

Like Turdwaffle. Yes, he will eventually find a way for his captive Legislature to turn that back to us in Wisconsin; in fact, they might find a way to make Milwaukee bear the brunt, if not taking it out of the hide of the UW or, in the end, public schools.  So many victims!

Like I said, I am conflicted.  As an architect, my clientele tends toward the wealthy, because who the fuck else can spend and extra 5-8 percent on their construction cost for a turtleneck-wearing motherfucker?  Or more, if that motherfucker has already designed houses for all your parent’s friends? (I don’t wear turtlenecks)

Myself, I have designed several extra-million dollar house projects.  So how am I to feel about those?  When they happened, I sucked up to rich fuckers as as necessary, and cashed those goddam checks, you know I did.

I don’t want to blow my own horn, but I am  fucking good architect, who has had many design awards. But that’s not even the point; the idea is that I do some great works, both outside and inside.

And should I not be paid for that?

I understand, that when it comes to the work I have done for the NFP corporations in the distressed areas of the city.  But When I have done the same work for other cities?  Damn.

After many years, I am fucking great at several aspects:  Code work.  Existing buildings.  design.  GREAT design.  coordination with all the other assholes.

What I suck at?  getting money from dickwads.


  1. (I don’t wear turtlenecks)

    Sure you don’t.

    My house is weird (and awesome) and I really wish I knew who designed it (I haven’t been able to get the blueprints from the original owner yet) just so I could buy them a beer.

    I (briefly) dreamt of a career in architecture eons ago, but, y’know, school/credentials and such. Not something I handle well. But I do appreciate the skills of you and your turtlenecked cohort.

    Also, too: the check’s in the mail.

  2. scott says:

    Totally off topic, but every time I see you commenting elsewhere (LGM just now), I get a little “hey! I know that (undead) guy!”

    • I have referenced myself (especially in the IRL realm) as notorious.

      So, why are you not commenting at LGM? It tends to be a bit rough-and-tumble, but from what I know about you, I think you could fit in well. Unless, of course, you are commenting under a nym…

      • So, why are you not commenting at LGM?

        I don’t know about scott, but I don’t comment there anymore for two reasons:

        1) I never created an account after they started requiring them.
        2) Erik Loomis annoys me
        3) A fanatical devotion to the pope

        THREE, three reasons… I’ll come in again.

        • Oh, pshaw. If I didn’t comment anywhere that I get annoyed, I’d be off the internarfles FOREVER.

          Which might be a good thing, now that I type it out.

          …in any case, the only one at LGM that really annoys me is that polar bear guy. Which is weird, because I contributed to his book. Also, that Denverite guy, because he’s so insufferable. Oh, and bspencer, because now she’s OH TOO GOOD to comment here anymore.

          Maybe I should come in again as well, Cardinal Fang…

        • I will admit that I do occasionally still visit LGM. And also, too, the addition of Shakezula to the front page has been a net positive. And I like Atwell’s stuff about comics.

          Unrelated: I just got tickets (early access reserved, no less) for this show. BNL was the obvious draw for em, but Mrs. Snob was also a huge fan of HoJo back in the day, hence: I now have tickets.

        • Saw them on the last go-round, with Colin Hay and the Violent Femmes. The Femmes were surprisingly good, and patched things up enough to have a new album coming out.

          It needs to be mentioned, here, especially with Scott in attendance, that I have tickets for The River tour next month…

        • Do you have the latest BNL album? I’ve heard good things, but I need to get it.

          It needs to be mentioned, here, especially with Scott in attendance, that I have tickets for The River tour next month…

          I hate you. They’re not coming anywhere near the northwest as far as I can tell (unless they add dates later).

        • Things ain’t like they used to be, this ain’t the summer of love buddy….

      • scott says:

        I comment occasionally. On political blogs, I’m usually logged in as some variant on “scott (the other one),” and rarely bother to change it. But it also seems like I usually get to threads when they’re already scores deep, so whatever I was going to say has already been said.

    • also, scott, I hope you don’t hang out at Riddled. Yeah, they have BOC lyrics, but it could damage your brane….

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