The Scarring Party

Posted: February 24, 2016 in Body Count, Shovels, Uncategorized

Well, since we are looking seriously at Donald Trump having a shot at the White House, or even worse, Marco Rubio, I thought it might be fun to look back at this post….

Wherein I explained intimately that Turdwaffle was hardly a national candidate.  Yes, he manages to leverage outside money, white resentment, vote suppression, Wisconsin Gun Nuts and idiots-at-large into enough votes that gave him power, he is a dimwitted, unattractive, slimy ideologue with bitterness issues and probably a micropenis.  And married to a woman tarred with the name “Tonette”…

Many, including LGM and MPS, called him the scariest candidate in those days.  I argued, in those venues and others, that they were wrong; I had first hand experience, but that was discarded because, by damn, they were commenters on political blogs, and they knew better!

And was he the first shitball to drop out?  YES HE WAS.

And, in his Turdwaffling ways, is now trying to push the money he lost in a ludicrous run during a ludicrous year on the people of Wisconsin.  And since, he has a pet legislature guaranteed by gerrymandering, he will probably get it….yes, he says he will pay it off, but how many times has he lied?

So, hey, I am just going to take this opportunity to say


TurdFucker has come back to Wisconsin and is bitter about his humiliating performance, and has gone into full-shithead/ ALEC puppetry mode, screwing environmental rules, fucking Planned Parenthood, stacking the court.  It’s all about 2 things:  Pissing off the hippies, and fucking the poors.

Look, I am not trying to shit on some of my favorite blog sites.  But, maybe, at some point accepting the POV of a Wisconsin zombie is useful in judging Wisconsin politics.   Also, FUCK ALL OF Y’ALL FOR SENDING HIM BACK TO US!

So, because all of y’all never believed me, here’s some Mekons music, but because I am not bitter, it includes Robbie Fulks….



  1. Two Wisconsin co-workers, all about Scott Walker cuz’ he gave them carry/conceal, yesterday during a political discussion (I try to avoid them at work, not only am I to the left of more or less the world, those conversations at work are high risk no reward, I still need basic cooperation and I certainly have lost my cherub-like demeanor) might finally be seeing a bit of what Lil’ Scottie is about.

    Between the Bucks, the U, and this, well, not gonna ever see them turn Dem but maybe they’ll pay a little more attention. Probably not, because gunz and Miiillllwwwaauuukeee (home of all that is bad and not pale), but maybe.

  2. Mikey Hemlok says:

    Heh. Anybody who thought that small-time authoritarian thug-lackey was the great risk in the 2016 election cycle hasn’t been paying enough attention to what’s happening in the far right fever swamps. Those people have had it with the GOP’s fixation on the upward transfer of wealth and they want to get some of the government-sanctioned savagery they’ve been getting empty promises about for decades. They were destined to find someone who would deliver on the hatred and fear this time – now, I don’t know ANYBODY who ever imagined that it might be Donald Fucking Trump, but I reckon whoever it turned out to be was going to surprise us…

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