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Posted: March 8, 2016 in Fridge Note, Fuck You Friday, Humanity is a virus, Uncategorized

Two recent posts by other people who work harder at this blogging thing than I do.

Scott Lemieux does a long form breakdown of why voting for your perfect windmill-tilting candidate, or not voting at all, is a fool’s game.  I know, I know, it’s LGM and they tolerate people like Denverite and me.  I used to like them before they fucking SOLD OUT, man…

John Cole, a famously right wing asshole who changed his mind and became a decent kind of guy, talking about the real, pragmatic and eyes-open reasons he has become willing to support Hillary in the primary.  Spoiler:  It involved RESEARCH!!!

Unlike Cole, I have not made up my mind yet.  I still agree with the Professional Left, that in the general, I will be voting for the same person that Bernie Sanders votes for.  However, notwithstanding this, I am still tending to vote primary for Sanders if he sticks it out till Wisconsin. (NO SLEEP TIL FOND DU LAC!!!) because I think he has helped pull the entire party to the left, my comfort zone, and the more support he gets now will make him even more effective in the Senate and in the Democratic Party.  Both completely worthwhile achievements….

But he has a couple of great points.  One is that Bernie is a bit old, and seems to be aging on the campaign trail, while Hillary seems to be getting energized.  The second, even more salient, is that Clinton has not only survived all of the insane vitriol the rightstaffel has thrown at her, but she has learned from the previous run, discarded the wastes of space like Mark Penn, and surrounded herself with knife-fighters and dirty brawlers.  Which will be necessary whether the opponent is Trump or Cruz.  And finally, is that by all evidence, she is held in massive respect by everyone she has worked with in the Congress, in the Administration, and overseas.  And that is going to be a crucial thing considering the level of obstruction that will be thrown into the next Democratic President’s path.

Fucking shit.  After my entire voting life, I am happy to see the Democrats seem to FINALLY, FUCKING FINALLY, getting the hang of the kind of crotch-kicking, eye-gouging, hair pulling fights that are politics.

I have said it before; I like Bernie lots, and like I said before I am likely vote for him in the primary; but I also love him where he is, making common cause with Elizabeth Warren and (hopefully) Russ Feingold.

I disagreed with Obama during his campaigns.  I disagreed with every single candidate I have ever voted for (except maybe Jimmy Carter, but that was because I was probably poorly informed).  I will disagree with Hillary, and I will disagree with Bernie.  But here’s the thing; look at how Obama has traversed leftward during his tenure, and he has dragged the Democratic Party with him.  He has done it because of pressure from below, Occupy and BLM and people like us.  He has also done it because he no longer has any fucks to give.


In contrast to a former friend who always wanted to say ‘voting for the lesser evil is still voting for evil’ and is now going all in for Sanders, ignoring the times he has voted for evil in particular with regards to guns (and we have had a couple of gun killings/massacres in the midwest, s have all of you.  Because daily gun killings are the way we work in America) I will quote another friend by saying, not voting, or voting for a vanity candidate, means you are voting for the MORE evil candidate and how does THAT make sense?.

I have always been politically activated.  I antagonized some of my fellow members in architecture studio by posting political cartoons in my workspace. I watched the 1984 returns with a friend, getting HEROICALLY drunk and scrawling increasingly incoherent responses in a notebook.  Here at home, we watched the 2008 returns together (and remember Young Zombie was attending a minority-majority Milwaukee Public School) and when Obama did his acceptance speech, I wept, yes I did.

I love that the left side of this race has been respectful and substantive.  While the right side has been consumed with insults and dick measuring.

Of course, the American populace is inherently at least 40% knee-jerk insane bigots and authoritarians, so anyone nominated in the ReaganDome process will have a spitting chance of winning, emphasis on the spitting.

So, to sum up:




  1. Lil’ Debby doesn’t need to go away, she needs to go to jail. See: Payday Loanshark Protection Act.

    Fuck her with the Tunguska meteor.

  2. scott says:

    File under Skippy comma Damn.

  3. Mikey Hemlok says:

    Also, as I have observed, and written, and thought, and analyzed and considered, I have been surprised at just how poor a campaign Sanders has run. Part of it is I think HE was surprised at the fundraising success and popular response he got – he never actually expected to have to actually run a national campaign. But he still hasn’t expanded his messaging past income inequality. He still thinks it’s effective to attack his Democratic opponent for things she did decades ago. And to cling to the ‘Socialist’ label so hated and mis-understood by Americans when he could have dropped it and kept the identical messaging was a self inflicted sucking chest wound. Then, his proposals. Aye. You’d expect him to be the candidate above all that would tell the people the truth. And he comes out underestimating the cost of his own health care plan by three trillion dollars. He comes out with a tax policy that would raise low and middle income tax rates in the face of decades of flat wages. A tax policy, by the way, that would raise $15 trillion dollars in new revenues to fund programs that couldn’t pass a Democratic congress, let alone the hot mess we have in this divided government catastrophe. And then, to out-Jeb! Jeb!’s promise of a fantastical 4% annual GDP growth with his own utterly unprecedented (read impossible) promise of 5.3% growth.

    Nah. He’s got some good old-fashioned liberal economic plans that any true liberal would support, but no political savvy or broad-based governing agenda or a realistic sense of the positive. I’ll very much take Ms. Clinton, who has also been a Senator, but has also run the State Department and understands the American political landscape along with the issues in play around the world.

  4. Mikey Hemlok says:

    errr, edit please: realistic sense of the possible. I need coffee…

  5. M. Bouffant says:

    I love California, because it gives me, as an all-time America-hater, the chance to vote for Trump in the primary & the general w/o it actually affecting anything. (Another reason to hate this nation: Democracy is bullshit.) And you can’t call yourself an America-hater if you don’t vote Trump, early & often.

  6. With regard to the LGM thing:

  7. Pinko Punko says:

    i have a lot of thoughts on this

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