Daddy Drives A UFO

Posted: April 27, 2016 in Fridge Note, Shovels, Uncategorized

Wrote this in FaceHell.  It was going to be short, but once I started going, ….well, you know.  I kind of liked it.  Space 1999 fanfic will be forthcoming..

Trump is a buffoon. Seriously, he is claiming Clinton is unqualified? The woman is a respected Lawyer, has lived in the withering spotlight of the White House, been a Senator and a Secretary of State and is admired worldwide. When Obama was the candidate, the knock was he wasn’t experienced enough. Where is there a candidate that has more experience and qualifications than Clinton?

Certainly not Trump. Trump used a 1 million dollar loan from his Dad to BOOTSTRAP his way into leading more failed businesses than any of us will ever run. His short-lived Trump University is currently the subject of a fraud lawsuit but the students that he ripped off for millions of dollars. The only thing he has ever been successful at is being on TV, although if you have a flexible definition of ‘successful’, then his constant ability to discard wives when they get older for new models, then OK.

It has been said that given his inheritance, if he had done NOTHING, and lived on the interest, he would have MORE money now. So he is a net negative money manager. To relate to the people who actually do work, if you make 10 bucks an hour, and at the end of the year, you needed to tap you savings for 5 grand, you would never be lauded as an economic genius.

And, news for Republican friends: Trump’s not the ideologue you want. His beliefs involve one thing: how impressive he is, with big hands and big penis, and wife who is willing to do a soft-porn photo shoot on the grand piano that he can certainly not play. His hair is not ridiculous. And the fact that he has never recognized that calls into question his sanity.

I do, however have some concerns. In recent years, the Presidential debates have not been show to make any difference, with some notable exceptions (Please proceed, Governor). And the Trumpeters have been notably resistant to any kind of logic or reason based arguments.

And I have no doubt that in real debates, where the questions are not about who is the biggest penis on stage (admittedly, Drumpf wins this one) but even if they involve actual real world issues, it has been demonstrated that the American public has Short Attention Span Theater for anything smacking of actual content.

Hillary has been attacked but these jackals for 25 years. She has weathered it all with grace and tact, but has still sunk in, shown by the negatives she has. The onslaught of Drudge attacks has convinced a signifiant number of Americans that she is lying about SOMETHING, although they never have any actual lies in hand, or transgressions; but they still scream PRISON PRISON and after 30 years of that, it seeps into the populace. The ratfuckers know how this works.

However, on the other stump, Hillary has been on the receiving end of this shit for decades. She was once derided for not baking enough cookies! (to her detriment, she responded with a cookie recipe. The best response would have been “I am the goddam first lady, not only do I not have time to bake cookies, but the lack of respect is appalling)

Could go on, but let’s talk about the cigar in the pie. Hillary’s husband had some kind of sex with an intern, and maybe other women besides. And is this supposed to be treated as a fucking anomaly in DC? Power and money attract sex. FFS, all of the people who made their bones on impeaching Clinton: Delay, Gingrich… have had their own fucking sex problems. GODDAM IT Dennis Hastert was molesting teenage boys. FUCKING MOLESTING TeeNAGE BOYS. And STILL Delay tries to defend that horrid monster.

So I understand how it works. I have been in a long-term relationship, and I know how this goes. You have troubles/ you find a way to work through them. You compromise. You find some way to allow you to move forward.

The thing the Republicans would like you to believe is that when shit happens, then you work through the problems and try to save your marriage. Unless, of course you are a Democrat in which case you need to divorce the philanderer if he is a Democrat an we can reap some kind of advantage from it.

  1. If the aliens step off the generation ship and they have orange hair, I shall be extremely cross.

    I haz given up on all news aggregators. I was in an increasingly vociferous debate with a Sen. Sanders supporter, which I am as well, but I recognize reality and politics and I’m fine with Sec’y Clinton, just not my preference. Nor do I consider Sen. Sanders a saint, and sure I have issues with him…

    My point was that, yes, in the primary, vote for Sen. Sanders (Driftglass’ Law – I’ll vote for Senator Sanders in the primary, and then whoever he tells me to vote for in the general. I added paleo’s addendum – Senator Sanders is not going to say
    a.) Vote for Trump; or
    b.) Stay home
    and thanks for being involved. So, now:

    I then asked him what he was going to do in the greater scheme of things – give money to down ballot races? Phone bank? Canvas? If Senator Sanders does not win, are you going to get involved and change the Democratic party, join your local committees, work for local candidates, work for state and national legislative races, what next? There’s no time for a victory lap in politics – change takes work, lots of work, and dedication, and 2 seconds after the party nominee is chosen, even if he or she they own bad selves is on the stage accepting the nom, he or she had better have staff firing on all cylinders for the general.

    His response? “I’ll vote for Bernie, and go from there. If he doesn’t get the nomination I’m voting for Jill Stein.”

    Fuck us. I’m done. We deserve a small apocalypse. The Proto-‘Baggers and the now ‘Baggers completely changed the Republican party from ‘mostly wrong and pretty blind’ to ‘Utterly Batshit’ in less than 20 years, and in political terms, that’s a blink. This can’t be done with one election for one person – we have a shitpile of work to do.

    Fuck us with our own petard.

    Hoist us with our own chainsaw.

    Jesus Christ – this may not be the most important election in US History, but it’s damn fucking close, and (especially with one pending Supreme Court nom, and Notorious RBG getting up in age and with health problems of her own, and maybe Kennedy? He’s about 17,324 years old) this is not the time for one of the Republican protozoa to get in charge, and oh yeah, the Senate is a requirement to flip, and we have to flip the House by the 2020 Census.


    Bring on the asteroid shower.


  2. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    It’s funny, whenever I hear someone bash Hillary Clinton, I always ask them to specify exactly what it is about her that they don’t like, and (after the inevitable torrent of talking points that I point out are bullshit) they can never articulate any coherent reason to distrust her more than any other politician. It’s 100% due to Pavlovian conditioning for the past 24 years.

  3. Mikey Hemlok says:

    You crazy,man. I LOVE me some Donald Trump. WORST fucking candidate in the world. Unprepared, pandering, incompetent (both in functional and political terms), ignorant and arrogant and insulting enough to drive away two thirds of the electorate in disgust.

    This is the lowest stress presidential election in years – at a time when it should be the highest. It is HARD for the Democrats to win three consecutive terms in the White House any time, and with the Republicans with a generational death grip on at least one house of congress and many, many statehouses it’s never been more important. And yet the drooling horde goes out and nominates the worst possible choice – not just out of the available pool, Trump is the worst choice out of all three hundred million Americans. Hillary will stomp him by two or three hundred electoral votes, and we’ll go to bed November 7th already knowing we’re safe from the worst of the madness and idiocy for another four years…

    • No kidding. He is losing women by 60 points. Hispanics by 70. And yet, the Both Siderist Media tries to portray some kind of horse race. I am perfectly happy with Hillary and my candidate, more so than Bernie FWIW. She has been tempered by the Fire, not to mention the time on the world stage.

      I am going to refocus my attention on the Senate and House; this Wingnut Debacle is putting the Senate into serious play and the house into reasonable play. We can get Feingold back in! To collaborate with Warren, Sanders, and Franken and make some some serious time….

      • Mikey Hemlok says:

        The media has the same problem the teevee announcers have when a baseball game is 14-3 in the fourth inning. They have to play up the possibility that it might yet be competitive so viewers don’t just turn it off. Don’t mean nuthin’.

        And no, the House is not in reasonable, or unreasonable play, or any kind of play. It’s mostly a product of American population distribution – there are significantly more Democratic voters, but they are packed into a few urban congressional districts, while there are literally dozens more districts in every state with like seventeen toothless hillbillies and a mule named Francine.

        The Republicans have 207 safe seats – that’s only 11 short of a majority.With 176 safe seats, the Dems would need to flip over forty districts – that is not going to happen. Just ask Francine…

    • Also, like 8 years ago, we can go to bed knowing that liberals and Democrats have (admittedly late) blown through another barrier that will make the bigots even crazier. Their America no longer exists….

  4. jesh stg says:

    Since I’m Dutch I can’t vote and you don;t need my opinion, as I don’t need all of yours..
    So…we will see. As long as they won’t try to bring back O., because I may not come back from my last trip to Holland.

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