Lovers In A Dangerous Time

Posted: January 25, 2017 in Uncategorized

I grew up as stupid suburban white boy metal head.  But then, since we were adjacent to a city with a good radio station, I learned about punk and new wave, and I learned the lessons well, yes I did.

And I took those lessons to land-grant college, and immediately alienated my roommate roulette person, but found some people in an adjacent dorm. I continued to learn about punk an new wave, yes I did.

I lived in a house that was once of the only places that played the first REM album.

Later, I moved to Milwaukee and tried to culminate my professional degree. But in that time, I worked much with local music people and worked with Bruce Cockburn on one of his tours, and he was so nice to me, as I was just holding a ladder while they sound checked.  What a lovely guy.

I am not sure how much music can make a difference, in the coming hard rain.

But I know a couple of things:  the fascists have no music.

And they have no artists.

And if you don’t have music, and you don’t have artists, then honey YOU DON’T HAVE PEOPLE



  1. Mikey Hemlok says:

    Every war has its signature music. Vietnam had Fire and Rain. Gulf War I had Nirvana.

    Make no mistake, we’ll look back on these dark years as a kind of war. The music will come.

    Also, too, 20 years on it’s just about time for mid-90s alterno to make a righteous comeback…

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