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Posted: May 4, 2017 in Uncategorized

Ben Carson is the Director of Housing and Urban Development.  I thought I would mention that, if you might have forgotten it in the onslaught of horror from the Orange House.  He is so sleepy and dim, how much damage could he do?  Well, apparently, a fuck of a lot.

But now he has pissed me off, and he is going WAY up the list of first people up against the wall in the Zompocalypse.

Gonna link to a Big, here, he thinks most low-income housing is way too comfortable.


See, and here, that in my real life, I am an architect and you all know that.  But what you may not know, because when I write about these I get longwinded, but I have worked on many tax-credit projects intended to provide decent housing for people on limited means.  It was called Title 42.  It was not an entitlement program, but it provided tax credits for projects that provide low-cost rental apartments to people with limited incomes.  It is intended to put slumlords out of business, by providing apartments that meet code in lieu of shit apartments.

In that realm, I have designed a few hundred apartments across Wisconsin.  Many in Milwaukee, in the African-American community.  I worked for many years with Welford Sanders, one of the most respected Community Organizers I have ever met, and he sadly passed a couple of years ago and I miss him both as a catalyst…and a friend.

After a couple of projects with Welford, I attended a ‘groundbreaking’ for a further project, well attended including the Mayor and Gwen Moore.  During the presentation portion, a woman who moved into one of the prior phases of the area’s projects, spoke movingly about her experience living in one of the units.  In fact, she had a few sobs, because she talked about moving from a crappy, sub-code apartment with her kids to a clean, well-built new apartment where she didn’t have to worry about her kids being shocked by shitty electrical work.  She upstaged Gwen Moore and the Mayor.

When I have walked around these black communities, I occasionally get challenged.  When I say, I am the architect who does these projects, I get thumbs up and acceptance.  I care enough to make them good, and they respond with respect.  You know, like humans do.

Ben Carson pisses me off not because he’s being a rich asshole (although he is).  And not because he is pissing on black people (although he is).  Several of my projects were out of the urban areas, and mostly populated by white Wisconsinites.

But what he is doing is saying that people who avail themselves of the several levels of housing assistance are not worthy of basic human dignity.  They must be subjected to humiliation and degradation.  The idea that this will spur them to make more money in some magical way.  It has been estimated that people under the poverty level have to work for 20 fucking years, and not have a single disaster to work their way out of poverty.

Ben Carson, an educated idiot, is saying that anyone less fortunate than he is, should either have to live in shitty housing or a cardboard box.

I have worked in black communities more than Ben Carson.  I have worked with more Blacks that I respect far more than Ben Carson.  I have had more of an effect on black communities than Carson has (up till now).

And in conclusion:


  1. Mikey Hemlok says:

    These are bad people who got into power through a series of highly unlikely events and now find their ability to do large scale harm often blocked by the basic constitutional democratic structure of American governance, so they will continue to find places where they can immiserate the poor and brown by edict.

    It will become harder for them after November 2018 and we will have a chance to begin to repair the damage after 2020, but for now a cold rain is going to fall….

  2. Mikey Hemlok says:

    Hey, where all our peoples at?

  3. To answer mikey, and best I can figure, the bloggerhood has dissolved for various things. Worst, of course is Substance Mcgravitas who had to evade a stalker who threatened his livelihood. But the rest of them, just seemed to lose interest. And I get that! It’s hard to maintain a regular blog posting. Especially with regular life. And also,, blogging is starting to seem kind of latter-day. Compounding this all is the effect of all the people who used to blog and contribute to your comment vitality, and they don’t anymore. Even thunder, mikey, where is he? I don’t see him on the places he usually commented. Which is good; I think he will be very much happier walking the dogs in the woods and playing with butterflies.

  4. You, didn’t. ( F*ck up, that is.)

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