Our Life is only meaningful if we go somewhere else….

Posted: April 24, 2019 in Uncategorized

I have visited these sites, where incredibly brave people decided to strap themselves into prisons and ;punch themselves in to the unknown.

I was child when humans landed on the moon, but I am almost certain we watched; everyone did, you know?

yes, people did.  It’s a terrible amount of power and it is easy for it to go sideways with no warning.  I have visited the site of the Apollo 1 tragedy, and while I have little empathy for the haunting folks, I will say that that is the only place that I have ever visited that I believe is completely haunted.

I support all of our efforts to get off of this doomed gravity well of a planet.  develop the fukcing moon, send us to Mars, let’s develop long term ships to nearby suns.  We have already shown that we have about half of our our polity, that is unable to even comprehend that they are going to suffocate themselves  Let’s fucking go.

When I was a child, I watched our civilization reach out, against all the terror and risk, and land on our nearest planetary neighbor.  It inspired me.  I built all the models, I still do.  We visited Huntington, and we spent like an hour with an actual rocket scientist who had not only flew one of these explosive devices, but also walked out in the completely terrifying unsupported spacewalk efforts.  We did not check his dick, but we imagine it was immense, as were his fucking balls.  How do you design a spacesuit to accommodate the size of those fucking balls?>

I once visited the EAA when they had Spaceship One do a fly by.  It was awesomely loud

And then we had Star Trek, which demonstrated we could hope for love and fellowship against hate and violence.

I still believe that.

As has been said, let’s light this goddam candle.

  1. Mikey Hemlok says:

    Right on.

    My mom used to get up at like 3am, get me out of bed, get me set up on the couch with blankets and I’d watch the countdown and launch of Mercury, Gemini and Apollo. Always before sunrise california time. NBC was the go-to, with models and explanations because they didn’t have graphics and simulations.

    Oh, and the Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor is another ‘haunted’ place…

    • I agree with that, but I did not have the same feeling at the Arizona memorial that I did at the Apollo 1 launchpad. I think it was because the launchpad was left as-is, with no embellishment, and the plantings are allowed to encroach. The ghosts are left to be present…..

      I loved loved loved the Mercury blockhouse, with incredibly thick glass that was many different layers of glass color. And that the banks of computers, that had less computing power than a typical watch…..

      Like I said, the vision of Spaceship One, blasting past us in Oshkosh, made me feel so optimistic. And at the same time, the museum in Oshkosh has a copy of the Wright Flyer; The amount of bravery to strap yourself into that rickety construction is akin to the amount of bravery to has taken to strap yourself, irretrievably, into a small metal coffin atop a massive explosive.

      And this has been demonstrated, tragically, with the Challenger. This is an i inherently dangerous job selection, and will be for the foreseeable future. The Martian postulated an unbelievably inventive person who was fictional and as such, was able to not die. IN reality, he would have died.

      Humans will die in their striving into the void. It’s part of the fucking deal. Strap yourself to a bomb. It’s one of the things I find hilarious about the “Escape Tower” attached to the capsules; if things go sideways, there will never be enough time to leave the ensuing fireball. It was done to assuage the consciences of the government weirdos who thought they were being ng reasonable….

      • This is related to the Space Shuttle having a capsule that was ejectable. Well after the event, it was shown that the capsule did, in all likely effect, preserve most of the cabin crew; but that they then were burned in the conflagration and then, killed by the impact in the ocean. The reality is, that when that candle is lit , you will either survive…or you won’t. And the people who walk through that door, they know that, and so do their families. And that is why they are fucking heroes. Because they still do it.

  2. Mikey Hemlok says:

    Yep. Explorers. How many people climbed aboard small wooden ships with canvas sails and went to see what was beyond the horizon? How many never came back?

    Speaking of cool/haunted places in this context, the Captain Cook memorial at Kealakekua Bay is like that. It’s actually the only sovereign foreign soil in the US – a few square meters of the British Empire right there in Hawaii…

    • when we were in Spain, at one of those damn cathedrals, the tour guide pointed out that part of the floor column spacings were based on the dimension of one of Columbus’ ships. What was most surprising was how SMALL that fucking thing was. It took real guts, and not a little bit of insanity, to launch oneself on that tiny wooden deathtrap with no real destination planned….

      Did not make the Captain Cook memorial in Hawaii. But, aren’t Indian lands sovereign? Although, I guess they are not technically FOREIGN, so let it go, let it go….

  3. well, THAT was written in a burst of ungrammatical creativity, wasn’t it? Well, we’re going to let it stand. I prefer ungrammatical unbridled energy to getting every little bit of punctuation right…..

  4. EWM says:

    Money that’s used for space exploration could be used for human disease exploration. Priorities.

  5. Also, thanks for the linky love, Tengrain!

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