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Rush wrote the song for their loss of their compatriot, whoever it may be.

I have never concealed my love for Rush.  They were one of my first all-encompassing concerts, when laser shows were still allowed, on the Permanent Waves tour.  I took my date to see the Moving Pictures tour, and it twisted her brain enough to actually agree to marry me.  On a subsequent tour, she wore the Signals shirt for years.  We went to see the reunion Vapor Trails tour, and they had fire explosions – and a string section that had to endure them – that we could feel in our not-so-bad seats.  And the year after that, we took our son who got bored and went on his phone but then after that admitted it was a fine fine show.

I have had mild disagreements with members of the Bloggerhood on this.  But hardly significant….

I have never loved drummers, nor drum solos (exception Erik the drummer for Die Kreuzen).  Always felt they were a simplistic way to allow the rest of the band to take a break and do more do drugs.

But I have always said that Neil Peart’s drum solos never bore me like almost every other drum solos.

It’s not just the amount of hardware he is able to use.  But he is also a very gifted rhythmic artist, and he uses that to be musical and venture into the jazz realm.  If you ever watch and listen to his solos, he is as inventive a percussionist as you might imagine.  He is/was sublime.  He spent his entire life making his skill better, including studying under Buddy Rich’s teacher to understand how the movement is part of the rhythm.

He had a hard life, with the death of his daughter and then his wife in short order and most people, including his bandmates, figured that was the end of the band, and not one single person blamed him if that was the way.  But…

He took the Australian ‘walkabout’ tradition, and fired up his motorcycle and rode until he felt like things were better.  He rode over almost every place he could visit by road on this hemisphere.  This was chronicled in the book “Ghost Rider”  And that was one of the most powerful songs when Rush returned to the stage.

Neil Peart died this week, and like most musicians, he shouldn’t have.  But that is what we have, and we have no choice but to give him a respectful ‘go on, and meet your ghosts and people’….

But the band are a band of brothers who have loved each other for all these years, and that is so fucking special:


One of my favorite bands, one that I have seen more times than I deserved and not as many time as I wanted, and now that one of them has departed, I need to mourn.  Legendary, indeed.


  1. Am I watching Rush video movies? I am, and like their final tour, I am starting with the most recent “Time Stand Still” and working to the earliest from there. And yes, I tear up whenever Neil Peart is on screen….

  2. Kind of amusing that this movie reveals that while Peart traveled on tours with his motorbike, it was apparent that he had a ‘minder’ who rode with him in case of dire tragedy….

  3. when I was in the dorms in college, one of my neighbors down the hall ‘borrowed’ my copy of Moving Pictures, and didn’t return it until the end of the semester. What I got it back looked like it had been set upon by rabid monkeys. the cover was creased and marked by beer and pizza stain. the vinyl itself was ground to pieces. This guy would put it on his record player on repeat, and pass out, and everybody would pound on his door to turn it off. Dead to the world. It was pretty much the first of their records I replaced on CD, because this vinyl was so destroyed.

  4. In a kind of mordantly amusing segment, a woman who helped organize the RushCon get-togethers, that usually piggybacked on Rush tours, quit her job doing, as she said ‘advertising for tampons’ and then did A Rush fan con. And then she joined the Obama effort, and ended up working in the White House. And she still feels the most important thing she ever did in her life was involved with a rock band. And she has video and pictures of herself with President Obama. In case you need to be reminded of just how actually important a President is.

  5. Now watching R40, and it is kind of rough watching Neal Peart playing, knowing he was doing it under pain. Also, watching his drum solo, knowing how long he worked on it, is really fucking sublime and I will likely watch it again and again.

  6. Smut Clyde says:

    I admit, my first reaction when I heard the bad news was “Oh noes, poor ZRM”.

  7. OBS says:

    Excellent post. I’ve got “Exit Stage Left” on here at work. I think that’s the only digital I have, all the rest is on vinyl at home.

    RIP Neil

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