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Posted: April 7, 2020 in Fridge Note, Shovels, Uncategorized

I have never made much secret of my love for my home state of Wisconsin, and my adopted hometown of Milwaukee.  mikey often mocks me as the ultimate booster, but I feel the state is an overlooked gem (and to be honest, I think I kind of prefer it that way).

I grew up outside of Madison, I went to state land-grant colleges to achieve a relatively affordable Master’s degree, I married a Wisconsin farm girl (who wanted nothing more than to never have to work on a farm again).  Young Zombie graduated from a widely respected Milwaukee engineering school.

The state is amazingly gorgeous.  It stretches from Lake Michigan, one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world, to the Mississippi River, and up to Lake Superior, the deepest freshwater lake in the world.  Amazing forests, tremendous nature preserves, and absolutely lovely rolling prairies.

Plus we had Bob LaFollette (shut up about Tailgunner Joe).

Milwaukee sports the Harley Davidson Museum, a world class zoo, only excelled by the San Diego Wild Animal Park; a Riverwalk that exceeds San Antonio because theirs was built around a drainage trench, but the Milwaukee River is a real, functional river.  We led the way in the idea that freeways are not the solution and actually tore one down, resulting in a boon in development.  We are the most diverse area in the state, although we admittedly are still struggling with segregation.  We have, at the same time, the best and worst schools in the state.  White people from the suburbs are still frightened to come here.

We have fucking Summerfest.

But the Republicans not only hate all that, they are trying to destroy it.  They hate the liberal blue areas, they despise the areas with minorities.    They would like to kill us all.

They appealed to the Supreme Court the Governor’s recent order to expand mail and drive up voting for the primary and to extend it for a few weeks, because the lack of people willing to expose themselves as poll workers was pretty much non-existent.  Because it was a request from a fucking GOP group, the SCOTUS did an emergency ruling saying NO!  NO DEMOCRACY FOR YOU!.

The Wisconsin Republican legislature is dominated by shit weasels elected in viciously gerrymandered districts, protected by insidious math.  Robin Vos is an evil motherfuckers, and I may just resurrect an old gif just for that fucker:

Go Fuck Yourself Also Too

Tomorrow’s election, which is now completely fucked up electorally due to Republicans on the Supreme Court, has a critical judicial election (Kelly is a fucking Trumpidiot, if you want to know) is going to tell us how much of an Alabama Wisconsin is going to be.

As I said, I am not embarrassed by the love I have for Wisconsin.  I have visited a lot of other states, and some fair amount of other countries (hello Ireland!)  But this one does it for me, and I include the snow.  the silence of new snowfall is a very special sound.

And I sincerely love Milwaukee.  The first American city to build  a Calatrava structure, seriously?  We even beat New York!

But the things that Republicans and the Koch Brothers have been doing to this state are criminal.  The racist portions of the state have to be beaten with sock full of marbles.

Meanwhile, here’s a story.  Apparently, one Bob Zimmermann, while on a bus trip, writer a song about traveling into Wisconsin, but never finished it.  Milwaukee musician Trapper Schhoepp got his handle on the lyrics, wrote a few wraparounds, threw some chords on there, and when it made it’s way to Dylan’s attention, Bob said “let’s share the songwriting credits”  the first time ever.

this video features cameos by the Mayor, Russ Feingold, Tammy Baldwin and so many more, and all in respect to that Dylan video.  Plus, Trapper’s dog!


Wisconsin will live through the struggle friends

  1. Mikey Hemlok says:

    Yeah, one can’t help appreciate your love of your home. In a state with less than 6 million souls, it’s easier (I guess) to get your mind around the state-as-concept/state of mind kind of thing. For me, although there’s a lot to love (Pacific Ocean, San Francisco, Yosemite, Gold Country, Lake Tahoe etc) California is just too big to qualify as an entity one might feel that kind of attachment to. As someone who grew up in Marin, we always felt that kind of bond with our altogether beautiful and unusual county (see Cyra McFadden’s 1976 epic The Serial for that sense and sensibility).

    Me? I always planned to end up living on the Big Island in Hawaii. That’s where I WANT to be, and a place where I think I could feel about it the way you feel about Wisconsin…

    • well, mikey, I guess your state covers a fuck of a lot more real estate than ours. But as you point out, we have many fewer denizens, and they are increasingly concentrated in the density clusters; but we also have much are that is under various levels of protection from environmental groups and then, frankly, the edges of the great lakes are pretty violently beautiful on their own, but nearly impossible to control. those areas, protected and uncontrolled are unfathomably beautiful in their ways. As an Instance, Devil’s Lake, which is a pocket created by the terminus of the original glaciers, has been restricted from gas engines and still has some great rock cliffs for climbing. We used to go up there once a month or so.

  2. I still feel that way about the dirt, trees, water… but my experience was much different than yours.

    I was mostly in Western WI, and when I was (while very hippie, much more relaxed about it) capable of living with the rednecks, making the same stupid jokes, bar every night, minimum .15% BAC, throwing darts and trying to bang each other’s SOs, yeah, it was entertaining. I’ve seen the dark side. A lot of genuinely awful people. And, maybe worse, people just killing time until death – 50 yo men still in violent rivalries with the other 50 yo men because they went to different (while basically identical) 75 kid high schools in towns 7 miles apart.

    Today I hate every one of those fuckers. (Not that I’ve spent a lot of social time in bars in, say, Chippewa Falls, for nearly 20 years.) There are small pockets of coolness – Eau Claire actually became kind of hip over the years, Hayward is cool (but once you leave Hayward proper, if’n you ain’tn’t one of them, the inbreds fight over who gets to keep your ear lobes), a lot of places bordering MN are fairly relaxed (need that Twin Cities tourist dolla dolla). I am willing to look for land in one of those border counties.

    I’m v.happy you like Milwaukee and Madison. I like ’em too. We’re trying to get our asses over there to visit and free-form jazz odyssey.

    But when we go to see my parents, or go to the cabin we rent occassionally, that is what we see. We don’t tourist around WI much.

  3. Also FU WordPress.

  4. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    mikey often mocks me as the ultimate booster

    I hear ya man, I’m a Yonkers guy.

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