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Posted: October 29, 2020 in Body Count, Fuck You Friday, Uncategorized

It is incomprehensible that Fucker is even within the last 2 minute magic of winning this shit. American white supremacism is resounding in a way nobody expected.

Well, the polls in Wisco show Biden up either by 7 or by 17 (i read a commentary by public functionaries on the red west side of the state, who had a compelling on-the-ground response of the underground rebellion against Trump and the Wisco Republicans, and how the results of hardcore Republican nuttiness is damaging their lives) . count em and deal em. Frankly, I think the polls are pushing the numbers down because they get paid by the media who live for the horse race, and also that they have adjusted their models to compensate for their perceived failures in 2016.

Meanwhile, Fucker is killing his supporters in Omaha by abandoning them on a frozen highway, in lieu of killing them by making them sick. (this is where I would post a song from Eleventh Dream Day, “Frozen Mile” but can’t find an internet version.)

Marquette, a notably reasonable polling operation with slight rightwing bias, puts Biden up by 7 in Wisconsin. Trump’s campaign, who have no more money, abandoned Wisco.

2018 was a wave middle election. This one looks like a fucking tsunami.

I know, don’t count the eggs. But at this point, Clinton only had a cumulative 2 point advantage, which did not include the suppression efforts in the rust belt. Now, we see an advantage of 7 points, and the states that were fucked with last time have gone to great lengths to avoid the bullshit suppression.

But it seems the militias and police are completely fucking ready to roll violence (augmented by completely ridiculous military ordnance they are now armed with) and the paranoid rightwing militias who are armed to kill minorities and liberals.

Trump is already whining about invalidating mail and absentee ballots. And his rigged Court is already threatening changing vote counts if they need to. Considering how competent the Biden/Harris campaign has been to now, and the access to legal brilliance in the Clinton orbit, I have to believe they expect all of it and more, and have war rooms preparing rapid response, if not preventative.

I am normally an Optimistic Zombie. for the last election, I spent a night drinking beers with a good friend and trying to talk him down. later, I apologized for being wrong. I am still optimistic zombie. I have to think this may go the way of breathers. I don’t want to have to shamble you all down and eat you.

But there does seem violence on the horizon. Many paranoid idiots with terrible impulse control, little experience, and WAY too many terribly fatal machines that they view as toys. fortunately, this seems to be the level of competence:

Well, there you go. the perfect Trump voter, One can only hope that he his his testicles.

But there is this

  1. Mikey Hemlok says:

    2016 was a fluke. The polls weren’t off by much, and this cycle the models and aggregating algorithms are much better. The Comey letter dropped so close to the election that there was NO polling afterwards, so its effects on the vote were not included in polls. And voter suppression – particularly the purging of the rolls – was decisive.

    Nah, I’m not at all concernend about the presidential. I’m DEEPLY concerned about the Senate – that’s where the action is. And, of course, the tantrum Trump is going to throw for the 3 months he’s still in power.

    Violence? Yeah, probably some. Most of these wannabe idiots are (properly) afraid of dying or going to prison to actually act out. A few McVeighs are out there though, so it’s a concern. Especially as the Biden administration starts to roll back some of the more egregious excesses of the Trumpers. Things are liable to get weird….

    • The Senate, rigged as it is, seems to be still pretty heavy trending blue. To the point where Lindsey fucking Graham is terrified, so much that Fox News cut him off because he was whinging so amazingly.Moscow Mitch is not terribly threatened, but judging by the photos, ones of my brethren managed to bite him on the fucking arm. Remember, it takes either a head shot or chainsaw dismemberment.

      The violence is already starting. Trump caravans, with armed riders, are trying to drive Biden buses off the road in Texas. Part of the advantage of early and mail-in voting, is that these shitheads can’t brandish and threaten at polling places; it seems most local police are unwilling to enforce the laws against weapons and other displays near polling locations. Yet another reason we have to reform our fucking police forces.

  2. Oregon Beer Snob says:

    As we’ve seen now, polling is just completely fucked up. People don’t answer the phone anymore, and no matter how much the pollsters tweak their models, they just can’t account for the shitty data they have.

    We need to stop listening to them.

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