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I have found it to be remarkable how the Presidential debates have developed.  On the right, it has been a cavalcade of hatred, bigotry, lies and slander, ugliness and fascism.  Otherwise known as Republican Politics.

On the Dem side, the debates have been mostly civil, respectful, and much filled with actual content and actual ideas for improving things.

I suspect Hillary and Bernie had a discussion prior to getting into it, to agree that the focus was on issues and not attacks.  And good for them!

Hey, did you hear there was another Democratic Debate tonight?  And it was held in Milwaukee, at one of the public universities that Turdwaffle is working to destroy?  Look, you can find this shit, you know how Goofle works, so I ain’t linking.  I have to make this post….

The debate was held 6 blocks north of my house, so I stayed downtown cuz I have work to do and I do NOT need Secret Service dudes questioning me about my state of decease.  Wife Sublime had a shot at tickets, as she is a student (yes I am married to a HOT COED) but it didn’t seem to go anywhere.

From what I hear, the debate was, as the other ones, pretty great.  RESPECT to Hillary for wearing UW-Milwaukee Panther colors, and sorry Bernie, i know men only have the choices of blue, grey and black, but you could have sported a yellow and black tie?

I am not following these debates, because there is no FUCKING WAY I am voting for a Republican Clown, and I like both Hillary and Bernie; I have a pretty good idea what they stand for.  As the Professional Left says, in the general, i will be voting for whoever Bernie votes for.  (Although I might change that to say Feingold)…

Interesting (but maybe only to me) story.  Last time round, when Hillary was running and Obama was the New Kid, WS and I talked and we agreed that we were both leaning Hillary.  And then I voted Obama in the primary; WS seemed hurt.OK, I understand. Since then, Obama has proven himself, so THAT seems OK.

I like both of these candidates, quite a bit.  Bernie’s heart is in the right place, and Hillary is smart, talented, and experienced and I think much of the criticism she receives is based on her husband’s tenure.  And much of the remainder of her criticism is based in barely disguised sexism.  Having reviewed her history to some extent, she seems to be much more progressive than she has been able to expose to date.

 But here’s what I have seen;  Clinton is MASSIVELY experienced, more than nearly any other presidential candidate in many years.  She is battle-hardened, she worked with Obama in his administration, she has connections out the wazoo.  Yeah, she was cozy with Wall Street.  But she was their Senator, you know?  People try to blame her for her husband’s work, but isn’t that stupid?    If I poop my pants, are we supposed to blame my wife?

Let’s be clear.  I do not endorse everything Hillary has ever done.  Although blaming her for her vote for the AUMF is ridiculous; there was only one vote in the Senate against (guess who it was?)  But you know what?  I have NEVER endorsed everything done by any politician.I mean, I am a fucking hippie-punk….I don’t endorse everything ever done by any politician that I voted for…

I confess I WANT to follow up the first African American President with the first Woman President (or first Jewish President!)  and I find no validity to the arguments about electability, which were also brought out in 2008…

I think this difference has been well demonstrated by mikey and a mutual friend on FaceHell.  Mikey has been consistently been beating the drum for Experience and Electability.  To which I say “excellent point”   and the other person says Bernie has the moral high ground.  to which I say “excellent point”!  But no matter how valid these points are,   at the end of the rope there is a very simple two pronged aspect of electability and experience. And as The professor has been demonstrating, there is a huge advantage to being the Clinton in this race (and it should be noted that the Prof, in addition to being an excellent sci-fi blogger and former New Wave musician, has over-performed Nate Silver in predicting the Big Races…

Also, and i do not think this is an inconsiderable part, but Hillary Clinton ‘s time on the world stage is a very significant advantage.  As Secretary of State, she has not only been integral to the current administration, but she has been effective in a fair number of foreign policy advances.

I have said that I will be voting Bernie in the primary and voting for whoever Bernie is voting for in the general (the Professional Left strategy).  However after much consideration, and completely ignoring the Democratic debates (although paying attention to the Usual suspects for reviews).  The Wisconsin Primary is nearly meaningless, but we usually see all the candidates show up.

also, Hillary performed a righteous slam on Turdwaffle, and that makes me happy.

At the end of the day, I really feel that from a strategic standpoint, Clinton is much more powerful in the general, which makes me feel that Bernie will be more effective remaining as Senator; actually, M\ORE effective after the way his successful national run raises his profile…

I have seen Bob Mould several times, solo and with a band (and I found myself wondering how weak it had to be to be a keyboard player in Bob Mould’s band?)

I loved Husker Du, as one of the MPLS triumvirate, Huskers, Soul Asylum and the Replacements.  And I saw almost none of them at their peaks, except for Soul Asylum in a 300 person club on the Hang Time tour and were they superb? Also, the Replacements on a show where Westerberg was too drunk to stand up for an encore…You tell me…

But on to other issues. As some of you know, I had The Event last June, and survived.  But seriously, once you are already a zombie, what the fuck, you know?  But the imperatives of medical professionals became a thing (and the support of Wife Sublime’s corporate health care, thank you love) and we discovered that I am also a diabetic, Fuck My Life you know…

So, for the last several months, I have been working to make some of these things better.  I have been exercising more, and eating less.  Eating better and being good about my meds.  Stopped pretending I would live forever…

A couple of months ago., I met with my cardiologist…

When I was in the ICU, they did an electrocardiogram of my traitor heart.  For those of you who haven’t had this experience, most hearts pump in a 50-55% range.  When they did mine after the heart attack, it was 25%.  This was in the realm where I would have to steal Dick Cheney’s heart to avoid arrhythmia.  I was fitted for a crazy chest device that would shock my heart into behavior….But after a couple of extra days in the IC, the Dual Cardiologists on my case said that my heart performance had improved to 35% which was out of the danger range…

Here’s the thing.  Your own dam heart only works like 50% effective.  Because it pumps one side, and then lets the backside come in.  It makes sense, you know?  I had TWO GODDAM cardiologists coming in to check on my, and I started to love the health care that Wife Sublime’s company posts….

So I came in and met with Mr. Straight Edge, who once chided me when I confessed to eating a brat at a party.  BP was not great, weight was not as low as it should be.  Lungs and heart sounded OK. Took a bunch of blood.

He had a tech do a new echocardiogram.  She pushed a device into my chest until it hurt, then had a tech come in and put in an intravenous, so they could put colors into my body that made them more visible.  Then she continued to push the hurtful thing into my chest.

And after a short amount of time, they all left and told me to clean up.  It was like being at a whorehouse.

But eventually, I met with Doctor Straitedge Cardio, and he told me that my heart had recovered normal operation.  He was please, and so was I…He fucked with me on my weight, and told me to stope eating fatty foods and meats, but otherwise, it was a good discussion…

And when the blood came back the worst of it was that for some weird reason I was weirdly low on Vitamin D.  But my cholesterol was good, and my A1C was 5.1….

FIVE POINT FUCKING ONE.  I know that my glucose has been in the zone almost every time I’ve tested it, But the first time I got bloodwork it said 6.4 was the goal.  On this one, it said 5.7 was the goal.  GODDAMIT GIVE ME A SINGLE GOAL and I will work at it…

Last time I met the primary, he said he was good for 6 months or so.  This is not six months.  But he does, of course, have access to the most recent bloodwork.  Cardio guy said that the biggest problem was a low Vitamin D.  IN wisconsin.  Where there’s little daylight in winters….

So anyway, Mr. Primary wants to see me.  So, what do we think?  Is it a recognition of my change in A1C?  Is it a chiding over my lack of losing weight?  Is it a challenge to the whole zombie thing?  Probably a hassle about not drinking so much…

I kind of hope that he is going to adjust my meds.  I would really like to not be injecting insulin any more.  Dr. Mikey says that I am cured, but I am not so sure but if I could transition to pills rather than spikes, I would be fucking thrilled.  I often stick them in my thigh because it hurts less than the gut…

Went to the gym today.  Worked up a sweat, listened to Maron’s podcast.  Felt good, got sweaty.  gonna do it tomorrow.  And the day after, and the day after, and the day after….

Point of No Return

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Living in Wisconsin has become problematic, at best.

Remarkable how quickly Turdwaffle and his DerpTroopers have been able to re-shape the state.  Wisconsin pioneered many liberal ideas; open government, environmental stewardship, world-0class colleges that are affordable, not sucking…Overall, a pretty great place to live.  I, myself, have taken full advantage of the UW system to get a great education that didn’t impoverish me.

And in the few short months since Walker has been reigning, he has worked to roll pretty much all of that back.

And almost all of that has been at the behest of ALEC; funded largely by those fucking Koch asswipes.

Busting unions.  Tax breaks for corporations (that have put the state into debt).  Fucking over public schools.  Fucking over public school teachers.  Complete disregard for campaign finance laws.  Changing the laws to allow partisan stacking of the courts. Abandoning the business of the State to run for President, then begging for donations to pay off the debt he acquired doing that. Allowing for companies to pollute the environment.  ignoring smart development in favor of building unneeded new freeways.  Hatred of the urban areas, by using racist dogwhistles.  More guns, always more guns…

And, just like all the rest of the Republican Party, he trades on hatred and bigotry and violence.  Talking about “those people” when he references Milwaukee.  Pretending violent crime is on an upswing, when it’s actually at an all time low.  Because paranoia and guns are popular with his racist, violent, paranoid base.

I’d like to blame all of this on Turdwaffle.  But he is only a goofy-eyed, half-educated and mostly stupid  son of a preacher who can’t  keep his staff out of prison and can’t manage his own finances.  He has been elevated to a near-national prominence because of his ability to leverage an historic gerrymandering of Wisconsin that allows Republican dominance of the Lege, which he has cowed into submission for the horrid agenda he has put into place. He lost his first run for office (to one of my favorites, Gwen Moore) and then used white resentment from the suburbs to squeak his way into Milwaukee County, and then used the same tactic to play the rest of the state against Milwaukee.  He is a shitstain and a weasel and my use of Turdwaffle to describe him is a slight against waffles.  Hims entire career defies the Peter Principle; he has not only risen to his level of incompetence, he has bobbed well above it.  Shit floats, and he has floated well above expected.

And just like other parts of the country, this horrifying and repellent rhetoric is having the intended effect.

So now, one of our goddam motherfucking ELECTED FUCKING OFFICIALS in this state is calling for ‘responsible gun owners’ to shoot the rest of us the fuck down:


Now, Slinger is a hotbed of white power shitheadism.  In reality, outside of Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin is a VERY white state (and poorer for it, may I say) and I say that as a VERY white guy.  But still; can this be interpreted as anything other than a call for white paranoid shitheads with more guns than brains to start killing blacks and browns and liberals?

I understand that much of the rightwing backlash has to do with the fact that gays and blacks and women have been experiencing growing acceptance and increasing levels of power.  There are a LOT of good ol’ boys who hate every bit of that, and see it as a threat to…dunno, threat to them being white?  It’s kind of stupid.

I mostly disagree with mikey’s cynicism;  I am kind of an artist and I work to build new things, and that makes me inherently optimistic.  But in nearly every other aspect, the idea that this shithead is an elected official and able to make these kind of statements without being taken down immediately, indicates some things:

  • There is no real journalism, any more.  Like we didn’t know that; we hippies have been saying it for years.
  • Wisconsin is now Texas, with better forests.
  • Dickhead looks like a dick.

What I find appaling and repellent and basically un-Wisconsin, is the idea that this kind of shit becomes acceptable political discourse.  We will allow college kids to carry guns, but  not help them pay for college.  We will allow concealed carry, and then encourage people to shoot down THOSE OTHERS as may be decided by some drunk, savage, twisted fucknugget.

I love this state.  Grew up here, and have enjoyed all of the rolling hills and trees and Great Lakes.  It is a spectacularly gorgeous environment, that also has the cities of Madison and Milwaukee -having visited ,many other cities – offer comparable amenities.  And then, we have the festivals on the biggest freshwater lake in the world…

I love this state.  As I grew up, I discovered the history of the state, and why we became an example for the rest of the country.

I love this state.  And somehow, in a couple short years, Scott Walker is destroying all the things that I have loved about this state.

I will be traveling north to visit in-laws this week.  I expect to be shot by a responsible gun owner, defending himself against a threatening  liberal atheist.




OK, I have a few things.  FIRST OF ALL

is that WordPress fucked me over the first three times I have tried to make a post tonight, and barfed me into the nether every time.  Am I able to send my bills for the extra bourbon to WordPress?   It keeps telling me’ draft saved’ and then when I come back, there’s not a fucking thing.
Go Fuck Yourself Also Too

Of related interest is that I have found that I need to buy the big bottles of bourbon, like I found in Snag’s house.

In urban development news, Milwaukee has found a way to create a new streetcar system without help from the anti-mass-transit Republican assholes in the Lege.  And they managed to work out 14 million dollars in support from the Feds.  So, of course, the anti-public transport and anti-urban  wing nuts in the Lege responded by trying to create a new law that finesses the provision of state funds to support operation of public transportation in a way that doesn’t allow the funds to go to Milwaukee. it would be truly farcical, if…no, come on, it’s just farcical.

Go Fuck Yourself Also Too

Tonights helmet ball game will provide much fodder for people who are paid to talk about people who actually do something.  I confess that I ignored the game, mainly because I forgot about it and then Wife Sublime was watching some crime procedurals and DAMN if I will challenge her; plus, I could keep up on the laptop and still do some more-or-less work.  However, DAMN but Aaron Rodgers, while being have to work with a depleted and droppy receiver corps, was still able to take advantage of a one-more-time opportunity made by an iffy penalty during a weird multiple lateral screwball Final Yard goofball tactic.  In any court, fuck you Lions.

Of less interest, is the fact that we had a new dishwasher installed.  Mainly because the old one WAS CRAPPY AT CLEANING and for fuck’s sake is that a first world problem?  But anyway, we had an amazing installer stop by, who had no problem at all with a dog named Lucifer, and charged us less than I ever do for my clients.  So I had him put the old piece out on the curb; and while I kept checking most of the afternoon, waiting for asking  for an Official City Pickup, it took until nightfall before the appliance got disappeared by the scrappers.  OR SO THEY SAY.  Perhaps NightDishwashers are flying the night…

On another stump, it seems that I will be doing much time with cold extremities due to blood thinners.  So, getting older sucks!  Apologize for the cold when I shake hands!

Furthermore, I must confess that I have developed a fondness for online bingeing for soapish series Mistresses, which I excuse because of the lovely costumes on the women.  But I still have to explain the fondness for The Mindy Project, because I find Mindy Kaling fucking adorable not to mention a great comedic actress not to mention one of the best writers ever.  “Why don’t you just come over and see if Christianity is for you?”   Best smile on the tv….

Also, Turdwaffle has responded to his EPIC flameout in the Presidential Goat Rodeo (and did I not predict that?  Yes I did) by being bitter and working overtime to make ALEC happy.  But in there interim, he managed to rack up serious debt (outside of the high-interest credit cards he already had on the books) and is now begging for someone to pay it off.  Because he is a remarkable assfuck who has been trained to expect someone else to pay for all his shit…

So, the City has managed to leverage all kinds of finance to make an actual, modern streetcar happen (and please understand that a below-grade transit was actually started; it was abandoned.  Probably because the Socialists preferred making parks and shit.

Dammit.  Out of bourbon.  i imagine that is something never heard in Casa de Snag.  I miss it…



It’s a big pretend gig, isn’t it?  Every politician pretends to be an obsequious Christian of some version, then is found to violate almost all of the personal statutes, and then professionally violate them all by screwing the poor and abetting the rich.  AND being self-righteous about their living right next to Jeebus all the while.

you know, it’s time to fuck them.  The idea that their adherence to the thousands-year-old doctrines passed down from pre-industrial farmers and shepherds who looked up into the sky and were frightened by thunder should be respected, let alone a basis for governance for a modern, post-industrial world is not only ludicrous, it is repugnant.  It is moronic.  It is Republican.

So, insane love child of a weasel and Joseph McCarthy, Ted Cruz now believes that atheists should not be able to serve in public office.

Hey, Ted:  Fuck off.  Fuck you with a large black dick, one made in Canada.

Tell you what, THEODORE. Let’s talk about works, which I believe your guy Jesus talked about.  I have worked within the poorest communities of the city I live in.  I have worked to improve the lives of people who do not have many alternatives.  I have also worked to teach martial arts to very young people, giving them self-esteem and teaching them to be people who are able to express themselves.  I have also worked to teach women (and men) self defense and the confidence to defend themselves in real life situations.

I have ALSO worked to interest high school students in an urban school system in STEM  careers, through helping them design and build goddam robots.  And I know for a certainty that we have sent some of these kids into college in STEM careers.  They will change the fucking world, Ted…

And here’s the thing, you whiny-voiced shitweasel.  I did all of these things, and more, while not believing in God.  Not yours, not another, not any mushy idea of a “Supreme Being”.  In fact, i bet that I’ve done more things in line with YOUR “god”‘s idea of what people would do than YOU have, you reprehensible half-intelligent lizard.

FUCK OFF, you nasally-obstructed opportunist. Not only do I think I am FAR MORE qualified than you for public office, based on your track record I am confident that I will be better than you at governing.  After all, I do not subscribe to the Tea Party bullshit that government is always incompetent and always bad; but I have seen and experienced the possibilities of government that can operate in the positive.

AS HAVE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY, you fucking fucknozzle  fucknuckle (H/T Tengrain, with spelling differences!)

Atheists have just as much right to this country as you do, and if you really want to argue this, I have a number of things called “pressure points” that as a black belt, I would like to show you.  Also, I want too remodel your stupid weasel nose.


ETA:  Oh, yeah, I forgot this.  H/T to that Substance dude…

Go Fuck Yourself Also Too

Hey!  The Republican Stupidity Carnival is a block from my office!

I’d go over there, but there are no branes to be had.  Many helicopters overhead though.

Also, the parking prices are surprisingly low, considering it’s also a Bucks game night, and Wicked is also in town.  I would say you could probably soak those rich fucking right wing asshats a bit more, parking dudes!  Although soaking the Bucks fans seems kind of like kicking them when they’re down…

So, I think an Elvis song is appropriate…

Also, because Gawd and Jeebus will be claimed at every pause tonight, here’s a bit of XTC:

And, just because I went on a Mekons tear recently and still haven’t come down, here’s a favorite song, Orpheus:

here’s the pertinent lyric:

I will teach them from my lesson
I will teach them from my song
I will speak of all lives wonder
Where I land will be renowned

Where I land will be the fortress
Of this fight against the tides
Tides of rotten patriarchy
Tides of greed and tricks and lies

Whoah, the condensed stupid is leaking out and running down the gutters…

I tend to like latter-day Marillion better (probly because that’s the period I’ve seen them live) but this makes all the Fish days worthwhile:



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Sorry for the lack of postery.  Midst of the robot building season, plus a six-story building to design, plus, still recovering from that hairball of a loss to the SeaChickens.

Speaking of the Poop…errr, Pope…. regardless of his meager movements toward a less repressive Church, like bringing it into the NINETEENTH century from the fifteenth- he recently made some very stupid and repulsive remarks about the Charlie Hebdo attack.  And the creator of Mr. Deity responded in Fuck You Friday Fashion, so I hereby outsource FYF:

All I can do is stand and applaud.

Of course, this only makes me think of another NSFW video about the Poop…errr, POPE (albeit a different one):

Speaking of robots:

IMG_1930 IMG_1931

Better get busy.

The booking group that manages three historic Milwaukee venues (Pabst Theater, Riverside Theater, and Turner Hall) have gotten into a groove with New Year’s Eve bookings.  This year, they had Jim Gaffigan, The Get Down, and Trampled By Turtles; all of them are return bookings, not only popular enough for the performers to work on NYE, but to bring out a fair number of people on a fucking cold Amateur Night….

I love the recorded output of Trampled by Turtles.  It’s kind of aggressive folkie, heavy on bluegrass, and very much an outgrowth of alternative music.  Which made me very surprised, the first time I saw them at Turner’s, in how heavily neo-hippie and jam-band aficionado youngsters were in attendance.  It perplexed me, and still does.  But who am I to question it?  Welcome all, and if you could just scale back on the patchouli, it would be great….

Any case, we booked tix for the NYE TBT show this year, because why not?  The Riverside is such a lovely place, and ringing in the New Year’s there feels like we are part of the history of the place, a hundred years or so of Milwaukeeans partying in one place over time….

Although we are not so big on going to bars for New Year’s (amateur night, you know) we like to let musicians help us celebrate the end of the suck just past, and have done it in the Pabst/Riverside axis several time.  Once, it was Aimee Mann and Michael Penn for “the most depressing NYE ever” and once for the Hold Steady with one of the most exultant and triumphant  yowl of rock and roll imaginable.  Music is so much a part of my life, that finding a great band to help the year-change seems like a natural.

So, unlike mikey, we found somebody else to make our evening meal, and left Young Zombie and a couple of his friends to play Cards Against Humanity while they spoiled the fuck out of Lucy the Orange.  And off to the theater….

Opening bands.  Meh.  The second one, Har Mar Superstar were a good band and the singer had a tremendous voice as well as mastery of the Lead Singer Moves;  if only he didn’t look like Danny DeVito.  They often even sounded like the Jackson Five.  And while I am not so much into seventies pop and R&B, I was kind of on board.

Until Danny deHarMar took his shirt off.  Come on, dude, even Joe Cocker stopped doing that.

But hey.  TBT opened with a slow, churning, string based version of Pink Floyd’s “Breathe” that was stupendous, then blasting into one of their own songs, burn.

Yep, that was our show.  Modern technology is wonderful, isn’t it Mrs. O’Reilly?

As if six dudes playing and abusing string instruments wasn’t enough, the added a lap steel player later and then a string quartet.  Dammit, I loved it so much…and TBT are the authors of one of my favorite songs of the last few years:

They played a cover with the dude from Har Mar Superstar after the new year, dropped, but that song is going to stand as my intro to 2015, and sweet living fuck, but if that is the launchpad for 2015, I cannot believe it is going to be as bad as some of those past….

Later I was reminded why we didn’t go to the TBT show last year.  Wife Sublime couldn’t stand quite so long, sat down and kind of dozed off; maybe partially inspired by the frequent whiffs of pot smoke that wafted through the theater.  We also bailed early and got home before the New Year had clocked in a full hour.  Of course, we then put our holiday beads and cardboard tiara onto Lucy the Orange,


because annual pet humiliation is a tradition in the zombie household:



TBT rocked the fuck out of the show, and I had a great time; notwithstanding the nasally-obnoxious women behind us who insisted on talking almost all the way throughout the band.  And when they stopped talking, they sang along, but that was kind of worse.  Eventually they got tired.

I liked hard rock and classic stuff when I started getting into music.  Then I saw a couple of SNL episodes and went off to college with fever for New Wave and eventually punk.  And then REM did something different to me, and suddenly Free Hot Lunch made me love folk and bluegrass, against all odds.  Later, I found bands like Split Lip Rayfield and much of Bloodshot Records repertoire, like Handsome Family or Lydia Loveless, and the idea of insurgent music was cemented.  I love music that challenges, that erodes boundaries, that is accessible to various people with no pigeonholing (hi, Zelmo!).  And there you go, Trampled By Turtles.  And they respond not only by covering Pink Floyd, but also by covering the Pixies:

SO DISAPPOINTED  they didn’t play that.

Anyway, here is what it looked like when the New Year happened:

IMG_1918 IMG_1921Funny to me, who have been seeing bands for decades, to see how stage lighting has changed from all lights on the artists, to a way number of lights on the audience.  I get that players may want to limit the damage their peepers take, but TBT seems to prefer being silhouettes.  Whatever; I know that dates at least back to the Genesis Lamb tours, when they blasted high-intensity lamps out into the audience while playing noise-rock.

Also worth noting that my pictures did not capture the Rover that eventually descended, made its way to the back of the stage, then back into the crowd whereupon it was terminated.  YOU’RE WELCOME, MCGOOHAN!

If you have been following the Empire for more than a little bit, you might have gotten the impression that I am a bit depressive, and that things sometimes looked like shit.  Hey, in 2008-2009, everything WAS shit; you may have remembered.  Well, let’s not be silly – everything is STILL shit.
However, in the last couple of years, the professional level has turned less severe; which, of course, makes all of the old interpersonal relationships less fraught  So.  Less zombie.  Less angst.  Less angry; and therefore fewer posts.  Of course, input from the bloggerhood has pretty much dropped off to nothing, so there’s nothing like the back and forth that used to exits, let alone the rampant Zardozing.  But let it go, let it go.  We were so much younger then and all that that.
I had so much difficulty back then.  No cash, no work, no professional prospects, and all of that made all of my personal relationships so much more intense and hair-trigger.  The kind of thing that all of us had to live through, and still do.  And I don’t mean to discount the issues of people who haven’t had the benefits that I have;  I recognize that this is more than fortunate and less than dire.  Except, of course, that it still felt that way, and made the brain-thing still pull the emergency-panic triggers more than once.
There were times I couldn’t sleep, and times that I wept without hope.   And those times have faded into the past;  and it will be admitted that much of that is due to the Stimulus package that Obama authored.  And further, that the increasing viability of construction due to the improving economy is also due to many of his actions.  While I disagree with  much of his Administration (as I would with any Democratic administration, even a Feingold/ Sanders regime, I will say that Obama inherited a full plate of shit (which iw typical for Democratic Administrations) and has still gone amazing balls-out accomplishments.  But…
Ahem. It all comes back.  There were a couple of years, that my projects (and they were great projects) were partially funded by the ARRA and partially by the Title 42 funding distributed by WHEDA.  Before, that is, Turdwaffle squeezed the fuck out of those so he could send that money to the extraction industry (which, as I constantly remind, is remarkably consistent in that EVERYTHING THEY SAY IS A LIE.).

Whoah.  I got off track there.

So, what I want to say is that there are a couple of songs that I feel are representative of the leveraging ourselves over the stupid, while meaningless, point of a new check date.  First of all, Heartless Bastards wh0 just make it all a mountain (and I am amazed that they di not have a great vision of this, but I am pretty much pushing this out to mikey, a hardcore woman guitar/songwriter right up there with Hynde:

whew.  That was awesome.  And I will surprise all of you with non-Mekon followthrough, and with the greatest video I know of by the Mountain Goats:

Dog Dammit, I have survived the last few years, and they haven’t killed me.  And a large part of that is because of my Imaginary Digital Friends who made me feel less than a pathetic loser.  Yeah, that’s you.

Some of them have dissolved, as you might expect; but as anyone who has ever had imaginary friends knows, they are always just out of frame.

But, here is what is important.  Some of you have allowed me to not be Mr. Zombie Suicide, and that it is kind of important to not do that.  And not just that; but having people show up and read my crappy-ass crappy word-writing,  that is kind of stupid on your part, but still kind of weirdly heartwarming.  So I m going to thank you, whether you want it or not.  And you know what you get?  yeah, it’s more Empire.  Hah!  Hah!  Bite me.  In the most affectionate way…




8 months ago, a mentally disturbed individual was shot dead just outside Milwaukee City Hall (several days later, I met with an alderman on a project, and his office faced the side of the building where the shooting occurred; he said he went to the window, rather than diving for cover.)  Of course, the dead guy (Dontre Hamilton) is black, and the killing officer is white.

In conjunction with the nationwide demonstrations inspired by Michael Brown and Eric Garner, Milwaukee had demonstrations that added this local un-necessary police murder to the list.  Even shut down a freeway; Milwaukeeans are hard to move once we take a stand.

Well, they announced the Official Dispensation today:  the White Officer will not be charged or investigated.  Color me shocked (pink and shocked).  I have several friends who have been at the protests.  The protests have been completely peaceful: sad and potent.  That has not prevented the Milwaukee Polizei from arresting a bunch of them anyway (bringing y’all up to speed:  back when Harold Breier was Chief of Police, his force was notable for beating the hell out of just about anybody, but particularly Citizens of Color.  Killed several of them, too.  To the point that the Violent Femmes wrote this:

Which has not, of course, prevented our rightwing idiot county Shirriff, Richard Clarke, from angling for camera time and wing nut radio microphone access by blaming it all on “outside agitators” and “communists”.

I kid.  One of those was not part of his official rationale for full riot gear and arresting a bunch of hippies and old ladies.

I bring this up because on Monday morning, i had a meeting with a long time repeat client, and several other people to discuss several projects to continue the successful redevelopment of a commercial corridor Third Street, which was a center of African American life before the destruction of freeways,  ‘urban redevelopment’, and the flight of manufacturing (rather than give jobs to blacks) destroyed that community.  Do you think I am harsh?  Fuck you; that was the underlying motivation of much of urban planning in the 60s, 70s, and 80s.  And 90s.  And 2000s.  Do you think it no longer applies?  You’re a fool.  Of course it does.  It elected Turdwaffle three times.


So we were sitting in this meeting; two of us were white, three were black, and one was Latina.  The decision was mentioned, almost in passing; the one person who hadn’t heard said “do I have to ask” to which I answered “no.”  And the person who is my client and I respect as a very level headed person said “Do you think it was coincidence that the announcement was made on a cold day in December with crappy weather just before Christmas?  Is that supposed to not be planned?”  And he didn’t say that in an accusatory way, or a challenging way; but as a simple, weary, statement of the burden of being African American on a daily basis.

All I could do was listen.  What could I contribute?


[Anyways, you probably know the segment.  It’s the one where Stewart finishes by saying “You’re tired of hearing about it? Imagine how f*cking exhausting it is living it.”]

But I feel that Stewart’s piece needs to be augmented for this particular Milwaukee-centric instance.  Sheriff Clarke, who is fanning the flames by instigating the red-scare era code-words “outside agitators” to pretend that Black Panthers are going to take over the city while he supports the white suburban assholes who love to cheer on the murder of unarmed black people, I have one thing that you need to hear:

Go Fuck Yourself Also Too