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Zombie Factoid:  Yesterday was the first election of any kind that I didn’t vote in for at least a dozen years.

Well, look.  Tammy Baldwin was a lock for the Dem nom, and I could give a shit about the Republican nom.  But Imagine my surprise to find out that Tommy Thompson is still alive.


The rest of the elections didn’t apply to my district, so I kept working on the deck.


Paul Ryan is a goofy looking motherfucker.  For some reason, though, he gets all the Village pundits in a lather; perhaps it is how much pain he wants to inflict on The Help.  I look forward to a bright shining light on this cockroach as a disinfectant, and I am gonna send a little scratch Rob Zerban’s way to get that Howdy Doody looking shitnozzle fired from TWO jobs this fall.  You know, so he can have some knowledge of what real life is like, that richie rich privileged faker.



Title Lonk
Moar Title Lonk

I may just do updates on today’s elections.  Or I may get bored or drunk and give up.  It’s a crapshoot, really.

Scenes from a Democracy

I was voter number 108 in my Ward at 8:30 AM.  There wasn’t much of a line though.  In non-presidential races, I am sometimes barely over 100 at 6 PM.

The right wing radio liars are already shouting about fraud; perhaps they are more nervous than the right wing media has been portraying?

Even though a Heritage Foundation so-called expert can’t even cite a single case of voter fraud .  Maybe he should start using James O’keefe’s fraudulent voting stunts as examples?

Regardless of Walker’s success or not, there is still a shitload of work to do.  In some ways, I fear a Barrett upset would make liberals and union supporters sit back and figure the war is won, when it is just one more battle.

The Lite Gov is also being recalled, and I hope Mahlon Mitchell wins, even if Barrett doesn’t.  Because it sounds quite like Turdwaffle is going to be indicted, and if he has to step down, teh Lite Gov steps up.  While Kleefisch isn’t nearly the corporate toad that Turdie is, Mitchell would be miles better.

being Bad in service of Democracy is no vice.

Finally, there are four more recalls happening today, of State representatives.  I was quite disappointed that I didn’t get to vote for one, but my State rep is a good un.  However, the Lege is currently split 16-16 (one guy retired and the seat won’t be filled until November) and even one pickup will put some brakes on the Koch rule of Wisconsin.

View of Koch Subsidiary formerly known as Wisconsin.

3 of the four seats are much more favorable than last summer’s recalls, and Lori Compas’ grassroots challenge of Fitzgerald is an inspirational David vs. Goliath story, regardless of the results.

Also, Charles Pierce.

Whew.  Lo, I am weary.  FATIGueD. Lonks,  all those lonks.  I shall have some lunch, or perhaps a drink.

EDIT1:  Quite a turnout.  High turnout in Milwaukee is essential for an upset.

And a picture for thunder, cuz he’needy.

EDIT 2:  This is not an easy battle, and here’s why:

Someone VERY RICH, and VERY NOT-WISCONSIN , wants to keep Scott Walker in office.   Why is that, you wonder?  Because he is doing what is in THEIR Not-Wisconsin interests, not what is in the interest of Wisconsinites.  Everything Scott Walker says is a lie.

This motherfucker should be in chains and locked away from decent people.


Seems Turdwaffle kept up the crimes after he moved to the Gov Mansion.  Why not, he’s inoculated by Citizens United millions, right?  Fuck you very much, John Roberts.


Best quote: “… lawyers wanted the prosecution to clear Walker before the Recall election, but they were not able to do so as he is a TARGET”. Yeah, that’s my fucking emphasis.



Seen at The Political Environment, via FaceHell:

For those who haven’t been following, Turdwaffle has been a ‘person of interest’ in a John Doe investigation regarding misuse of County resources and illegal campaigning while he was County Exec; a couple of people have already been sent to the House of Many Doors.  Turdie established a legal defense fund, on the quiet, last fall; all his best 1% buds are also trying to save his ass on that end as well as the recall end.

What a douch-canoe.



Asshole makes Asshole move, gets hurt.  My favorite part is that the one of the first comments at the origianl article says “Liberals always do this kind of thing” like he wasn’t committing a felony by trying to prevent her from voting in a way he didn’t approve.

I wouldn’t wade into the mango field, but I have no doubt that there are plenty of assholes saying the problem is women voting at all.

In any case, I support Republican and Walker-gobblers playing in front of traffic.


I’m OK with that.

But he needs to put this into his campaign.

..Hey, howcome it’s Dems like Barrett and Cory Booker who put their own asses on the line for their constituents? 


EDIT.  Kathleen Falk makes one of the classiest concession speeches ever.  Compare to Santorum’s late night whiny endorsement of Rmoney.

I admit that her mommy-gov comment was too much for me to vote for (this time) but the Dem field is united in their desire to blow up Turdwaffle.

Ms. Falk, I still respect you and I expect there will be an upcoming opprtunity for me to vote for you without reservation.  NOW LET’S GO.

Kathleen Falk, I love you and am willing to vote for you in the primary, but for god’s sake stop saying shit like this:

She added: “This state needs a mom, and I’m anxious to be that mom and get us back together solving problems.”




Sheesh.  Is there a Democrat who knows how to play this game?