Come And Have A Go If You Think You’re Hard Enough

various policies

  • Free speech is something guaranteed by the First Amendment with regard to actions by the Government.  I, however, am not the government.  Your first comment will automagically go to moderation, no offense intended. However, after that I will decide on moderating or banning comments or commenters based on my concerns, whims, or the color of your fingernail polish.  Exceedingly obnoxious people may have their comments replaced with Rush videos or Mekons lyrics.  Having said that, it may be noted that I am extraordinarily lazy about policing and I will say — right now— that I will NEVER do any of the above merely based on what others decry as ‘bad language’.  Eff away.
  • Please don’t feel slighted or offended if I do not put your blog in a right-sidebar-bloglist.  I have seen it become a kind of lame popularity contest, although there are many bloggers who are kind enough to link to me.  Please do not consider my lack of reciprocity as obnoxious or anything, I strive to link when I use or borrow stuff from your bloggos.  I may do one of these pages with links, but please check below….
  • I am apocalyptically lazy.  Please, don’t take offense.  I run my own sole practice in the realm of architecture, and was mightily laid low by the Bush Economic Debacle; I have been struggling ever since to maintain some kind of professional activity.  So lack of blogging will be typical and my responses are likely to be delayed or short or just generally missing.  Please be assured that I read all of your comments, and all of your blogs.  You are all amazing, funny, insightful, or inciting.  Or maybe all of those.
  • Also, Mekons.