It’s something unpredictable

Posted: January 4, 2013 in Fridge Note, Thread Open; have at it.

and then my iPod knows

And then it gets weird from a New Zealandy side:

And then MPLS shows up:

And then, I confess, I need to sleep for the FIRST kickoff.

  1. ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© says:

    I’m tempted to post PonPonPon, but I won’t.

    You have a game to concentrate on.

  2. mikey says:

    I’ve always been interested in the application-appropriate deployment of MultiProtocol Label Switching as an efficient method for forwarding Ethernet traffic over a multinode network. Keeps your routers from having to route packets at the application level.

    So I was pleased to see MPLS show up in your post, but I can’t find any information…

  3. ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© says:

    I think zrm is sleeping through this game.

  4. paleotectonics says:

    This is a little more like it. Stop that jackrabbit.

  5. mikey says:

    God dammit.

    If these games aren’t going to be even a little bit interesting, I’m just going to switch to porn and touch myself in an impure manner…

  6. mikey says:

    Two enter.

    One goes home.

    That sounds like fun!

    Let’s do it, lunger!

Go ahead, tell me how I fucked up this time.

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